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Men Without Fear

A couple weeks back, I got a call from Ed Brubaker, pretty much out of the blue, asking if I’d be willing to co-write an arc on Daredevil with him. And I asked him if Michael would be drawing it, and he said yes, and I think at that point I gave it all of two seconds thought before saying, “Hell yeah.”

It’s a four-issue arc, running from DD 107 to DD 110, with Ed and I pretty much tackling it the way we wrote Gotham Central back in the day. So far, it’s a lot of fun, and honest to God, it’s as if no time has passed, at least in how he and I collaborate…or in how Michael applies the stick to keep us in line.

Cover to Daredevil 107

You can read a brief interview with me about the “reunion” at Newsarama.

Still in LA, with Xtie and Nunzio. Visited Nunz’s comics writing class last night and had a great time, pretty much as expected. I’m hoping I didn’t annoy-and-or-bore those in attendance. As those who’ve heard me interviewed can attest, I can ramble on with the best of them.

26 Responses to Men Without Fear

  1. electricvinyl

    That’s awesome Greg. Looks like I’ll have to start reading Daredevil again.

    It seems to be a Greg news day because I also saw the Batman: Gotham Knight animated movie preview today. That looks really super cool. Can’t wait for that.

  2. stacyx

    Very nice! Glad to see you on a book I’m reading!

    Now tell me Natasha’s in it :)

  3. spitfire92

    That is SO great! Can’t wait mate!

  4. skalja

    Okay, you have seriously made a lousy day a lot better. Thanks!

  5. helmhammerhand

    This is some of the best comic news I’ve heard in a long time. I really hope you guys can continue the collaboration past this arc. If not permanently, then at least for the occasional arc or *fingers crossed* a new project.

  6. thatrogersguy

    Ok that just made my day.

  7. admin

    Then you’re ahead of me, because I’ve seen NOTHING on B:GK, and I wrote one of the damn things!

    *grump grump grump*

    But, uh, yeah! DD! Cool!!

  8. admin


    Undecided, actually.

  9. admin

    Sorry to hear that the day’s been lousy. Glad to have brightened it, at least slightly. :D

  10. brother_d73

    That’s GREAT news! Of course, that means I’m going to have to add another title to my monthly comic order, but still! I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

  11. uzumerid

    Holy crap, that user pic is gorgeous.

  12. fordmadoxfraud


    Awesome10. Gotham Central was one of the suckiest cancellations of recent memory. That book was great.

    As a side note, had you read David Simon’s Homicide just before working on that book? Every time I read an issue, I felt like you were sending out secret handshakes to all of us David Simon cultists.

  13. st_aurafina

    That’s amazing news – that’s really made my day.

  14. nealbailey

    I leave town for one day, and it starts raining awesome without an umbrella.

    Congrats. This is rad news.

  15. electricvinyl

    I found it here at the wealth of knowledge known as Ain’t It Cool News.

  16. electricvinyl

    Aww crap, they took the video down…


  17. jjgalahad

    This is fantastic news. I’m really looking forward to seeing the two of you work together again!

  18. davesbu

    trying to come up with something original and different to say about this that other people haven’t already said…fuck it: i totally saw this coming and it’s made my day.

  19. supergodginrai

    Now I’ll have to read Daredevil for that arc.
    Loved the Gotham Central stuff.

  20. hdefined

    Here’s the thing: for some reason, I’ve never REALLY liked any Brubaker stories. I’ve rarely disliked them, but many just left me bored. I found I enjoyed his solo contributions to GC less on the whole. I admit that his first Daredevil arc was up there, but then it slowed down into the mire I’ve come to expect. In fact, while most creators seem to get bogged down in crossovers, some of my favorite stories of his were during Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive. The rest of his feels like, “Look! Crime noir!” I just wasn’t hooked by Captain America, Sleeper, Catwoman, or some of his miniseries I’ve tried (I liked Point Blank more than Sleeper because there was an actual – no pun intended – point to the story).

  21. dewline

    This looks like it could be fun.

  22. jjgalahad

    Apropos of nothing, I recall you mentioning that you hadn’t seen the promo for Batman: Gotham Knight online yet, so I thought I’d post this for your enjoyment here:

    I also posted about it on my comics blog to spread the love. I seriously can’t wait to see this.

  23. admin

    Thanks so much for posting this — I hadn’t seen it when it first went up.

    Loved seeing Denny, and I thought Noveck’s comment about “urban myth v. urban myth” was spot on, and a take I’d never considered. Very cool!

  24. alexg119

    Ohhh this will be a good run…looking forward to it.

  25. dafnap

    I just wanted to say “thanks” for being an awesome guest lecturer and for handling our questions like they were actually worthwhile.

    Now seeing that you and Brubaker are back together, even for a short while, I want to kick myself for not asking how you deal with a writing partner. Alas! That’s for next quarter I guess :D Again, thanks for an awesome class!

  26. ofcatsandwomen

    Now that the solicits for #108 are up as well, I just wanted to say how much I’m looking forward to this arc and your work with Brubaker. I just know this is going to be gold! This book has been able to strike that perfect balance between realism and superheroics, and that was one of the things I really appreciated about your work on Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra as well.

    In fact, the least realistic thing about the book right now (well since issue #26 actually) is that Matt’s office does not appear to have a computer in it. Me and some of the other DD fans are beginning to wonder how he gets any work done at all, and whether Dakota North actually checks his email. From what I hear, all the legal search engines are very screen reader friendly these days. Just one of those little fan suggestions that hopefully won’t get anyone into any kind of legal trouble… ;)

    Again, I’m very much looking forward to this, and wish you and the rest of the team all the best!

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