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Learn to Write Comics (the DeFilippis Way!)

My friend, co-collaborator, partner in crime, and generally one of the handful of people I absolutely trust to cover my back, Nunzio DeFilippis, is once again teaching a course on writing comics through the UCLA Extension.

Here’s the cool part – he’s teaching an online course, as well.

Which means you don’t have to live in LA to take the course.

This is how he’s describing the online course:

“The class has week-long units in an asynchronous distance learning method (which means no one time to come together and meet, a near impossibility given time zone differences. The work is done over the course of each week, and message board discussions spaced out over the week take the place of actual class meetings). It starts on April 8th, with each weeklong session running from Wednesday through the following Tuesday. Like the onsite class, it lasts 10 weeks, and takes students from introductions to the form up to writing a full issue/chapter.”

Those of you who might be interested, here’s a link to the sign-up at the extension site, and a further description of the course.

3 Responses to Learn to Write Comics (the DeFilippis Way!)

  1. scottyquick

    Oh! I’m reading the No Man’s Land novelization (it’s great, btw, you write my favorite Harvey Dent ever), and I was wondering why you picked those names for the officers.

  2. sharkbites

    Dude, I go to UCLA but I’m already filled up with my units. I’m graduating with more than I am required. I would have love to have taken the class but I am book solid.

    I also wanted to drop by and say that I loved your NML novel and your Bat comics. I’m looking forward tp picking up Detective this summer! Cheers!

  3. sharkbites

    Oh and by the way, USC sucks!!

    :P :D

    Peace, Mr. Rucka!

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