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Lazarus Rising

(Cross-posted from Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether)

The wonders of the digital age. I am, as this post goes live, participating at the Image Comics Panel at San Diego ComicCon International 2012. And, roughly as this post goes live, I’ve announced that I’m doing a new book with Michael Lark and Elizabeth “Bettie” Breitweiser that will debut in 2013, called LAZARUS.

Here’s the promo art that Michael and Bettie prepared.

LAZARUS promotional poster.

Promo poster for LAZARUS.

I’ve been describing the book in shorthand as “The Godfather meets Children of Men,” but that’s terribly vague. In a nutshell, the idea is this:

Set in a near-future dystopian society where the economic woes of the early 21st century continued, then exploded exponentially, resulting in a world where a handful of Families control everything. Having divvied up the world into their own kingdoms, they now spend their days jealously guarding what they have, and coveting what they do not. But for those living without wealth, collectively referred to by the families as “the Waste,” the future is desperate, with day-to-day survival as much the result of the ruling Families as the weather.

Endeavor Carlyle is the youngest daughter of the near-immortal Carlyle Family. She is their Lazarus, a position common to all the Families: part bodyguard to her family, part intelligence director, part military general, she has been genetically modified to defend the Family at all costs, with unwavering loyalty.

But Endeavor Carlyle is beginning to ask questions, and her Family will do everything they can to keep her from finding the answers….

This is called “copy,” you see.

Anyway, yes, LAZARUS. Myself. Michael Lark. Bettie Breitweiser. Image Comics. Early 2013.

Hold fast!

6 Responses to Lazarus Rising

  1. Rogerio

    Cannot wait for some preview artwork!

  2. Claudio

    Hi Greg,

    Was at the panel when this was announced. Really looking forward to it. Is this a mini series or ongoing?



  3. greg


  4. Kenny

    Is there a scheduled release date outside of early 2013?

  5. greg

    We’re looking at June as of now. Want to make sure we have enough in the can before we solicit, however, so that may change.

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