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Lazarus now available for pre-order!

Art by Michael Lark

Art by Michael Lark

Lazarus is now available for pre-order with code APR130420. To entice you, here’s a preview of the first issue (PDF, 1383KB).

1 Response to Lazarus now available for pre-order!

  1. Matt

    Heya Greg and co…thought I’d check out your site after picking up Lazarus issues 1-3 (amazing work by the way, the first taste I’ve had of your stuff, and I’m very impressed. Great characters and scarily thought-provoking possibilities!). However, after clicking on the above ‘preview of the first issue’ I noticed that those panels aren’t in my first issue! Was some editing done? Or are these scenes still to come in a later issue of Lazarus? Or have I just been unlucky and bought my issue #1 sans a few pages? If so, further kudos to your writing as it still flowed smooth as a lazarus’ blade through an enemy family haha.

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