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Last Run Updates

Back home for the moment, before heading down to LA tomorrow (Saturday) for the LA Mystery Bookstore signing (with Michelle Gagnon!). If you’re in the LA area, please stop by!

And then, Houston on Monday, for Murder by the Book. Tuesday morning, heading up to Dallas, and Tuesday night, we’ve got a special event planned, thus:

November 9th, from 5 to 6:30, at Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, we’re having a Happy Hour signing. This is open to the public, and we will be selling copies of the new novel, as well as – hopefully – comics, too. This is looking to be a laid-back, fun time to just socialize and chat, and – again – it’s open to the public. Hope to see you there!

And once again, if you’re looking to get a signed and/or personalized copy of the new novel, but are unable to attend any of the signings, I urge you to please contact one of the stores listed on the Appearances page. They’ll be happy to take your order, and I’ll be sure to sign your book (and include your numbered bookplate) when I’m at the store.

Also worth repeating, my signing policy: Yes, I am happy to sign comics and earlier novels!

Last (at least for the moment), a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s come out to the signings thus far. I sincerely cannot thank you enough for your support!

7 Responses to Last Run Updates

  1. Hiromi Nakasaki

    I made unofficial Japanese Translation of Preoperational Briefing.( and the chapter two.(

    Only part of chapter one is posted.

  2. Marty Runyon

    Thanks so much for coming to LA. It was great to meet you at the signing!

  3. Lee Westmoreland

    And, also, thanks for appearing at Zeus in Dallas! It was a great treat to meet and talk with you.

  4. chris

    Greg or anybody else out there know when the next atticus kodiack book is coming out? I have read or listened to all of them in the last six months. They are by far my favorite book series.

  5. Kim

    just finished The Last Run, awesome read! thank you for a suspenseful twister of a novel….looking forward to your next Q&C book. Also, i’m hooked on Atticus…enjoy the characters and multiple layers of stories within each book.

  6. Roberto

    Finished Last Run last night…AWESOME! I really enjoy Tara Chace’s adventures, or misadventures. Your books have a way of making the reader feel he/she is immersed in this great, wild ride and even though it is exciting to reach the ending, it is also kind of sad, because we are left wanting more. Also, the mood of the international spy thriller is greatly conveyed in your books. I love how you surprised the reader with Shirazi’s defection in The Last Run; I didn’t see it coming even though in retrospect it made sense! Have u ever thought of writing a novel where Tara meets Atticus? I’d definitely buy that! (as i have bought all your novels).

  7. Jerry Brounstein

    Read all your books, can’t wait for the next one.
    Loved Tara. . .Gonna’ miss her. Keep up the great work, Greg.

    Fellow Oregonian. . . .

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