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Knights Out

1LT Daniel Choi is exactly the kind of soldier we want and need defending our country. He’s a West Point graduate, an Arabic linguist, a trained officer and leader. He is a man of conscience and courage.

He’s also gay, and a founding member of Knights Out.

From tonight’s The Rachel Maddow Show.

We live in an era of stop-loss and repeat deployments, where the National Guard has been forced into the role of active military. Yet we deny soldiers who are willing to serve their opportunity to do so because of sexual orientation.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Edited to add:

Apparently, the embed from the Maddow website isn’t working. So check it out here under the story, “He Told, He’s Out.”

8 Responses to Knights Out

  1. tigernach

    very interesting. I think there is a lot of potential to turn this legislation around, and I would certainly like to see it sooner than later.

  2. parakkum

    Because people who vigorously avoided serving are afraid of gay people.

    Not that any of my friends or relatives in any branch give a damn about the sexual interests of their buddies.

  3. lithera


    I have a lot of thoughts here but I’m having a hard time forming them into sentences.

    Thanks for the links.

  4. dewline

    If the policy gets changed sooner than later, then I hope it won’t have to be an option anymore…but I suspect that the Canadian Forces would be very happy to have 1LT Choi if it comes to that.

  5. jared465

    Like Lithera, i just sort of sighed and shook my head.

    On a more positive note, if I see JLJ at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival tomorrow (I’m glad Oni is finally making the trip), I will give him a punch in the arm and say you said hello! :)

    Also, finished WD the other night. Liked it very much! Not sure where it ranks with the other Kodiaks, but I’m thinking probably right with PA and CS and just below Shooting (which i think is still my fave of the series). I liked the ending A LOT. Saying anymore might be spoiler-ish so i will leave it at that.

    My girlfriend has Keeper “on deck” in her reading pile, so I’m sure she will be fan of Atticus soon enough (she has already read all the Q and C stuff)

    Hope things are well and good luck on the book tour!

  6. kei87

    Thanks for the link. Seeing someone like Choi suffer from a barbaric standard finally puts a face to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” hogwash. Y’know, I used to not give too much of a damn about gay rights, and then this fall rolled around.

    One of my roommates disclosed that he was gay, and he invited me along to some of the Proposition 8 protests before the election. Even though I’m about as socially liberal as one can get, I always hesitated to call the “Pro-Family” nasty names. Then I realized that they’re on the wrong side of history, and that there isn’t any other word for it other than bigotry.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. (P.S. In two sittings I’ve devoured about half of Walking Dead. Reminds me of when I spent an entire night reading Keeper/Finder in a dimly lit Paris hostel while on vacation. Loving it so far, I think I’ll have to try this whole “writing when I’m pissed off” approach.)

  7. anw

    I have to think that, as righteously outraged and offended as Lieutenant Choi is, this is also exactly what he wanted, and if so, it was a brilliant gambit on his part. By giving DADT a face, and showing the process, and making the reason for his dismissal nothing that could scandalise the horses, but rather the simple statement, “I am gay”, he has made himself a focus and a flashpoint, and he’s hopefully forcing the Obama administration to take action.

    It’s terribly sad, of course, that the Obama administration needs to be forced to take action, but on gay rights Obama is not living up to his claim that he is a “fierce advocate”, and ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ is not a good excuse; the economic woes remind people what’s important. This is the best time to effect change.

    Obama has done nothing on DADT, nothing on DOMA, next to nothing on the Matthew Shepard act, and he’s been conspicuously quiet on the advances in Iowa, Vermont and Maine. His single greatest contribution to the most pressing civil rights issue of his age was to invite Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. He has a tin-ear when it comes to the gays, and I’m increasingly coming to believe that it’s a subject he’s not interested in, and a cause he has no sympathy for; that his position on gay rights is entirely about politics and nothing to do with personal belief.

    So I’m delighted about Dan Choi’s letter of dismissal, because as much as it also outrages and offends me, I don’t think the issue could have a better ambassador-advocate than Dan Choi; he’s intelligent, eloquent, informed, charming, and very proud to serve, and he undermines every prejudice about what a gay man in the military might be. No-one could look at a proud, gifted, dedicated serviceman like Dan Choi and believably suggest that he is a threat to ‘unit cohesion’.

  8. bronxgirl69

    I caught him the last time he was on. He is very inspiring. A true, brave, patriot soldier. It’s a sin that he’s not allowed to serve because he values truth and honesty in his life.

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