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I’m sick in Ketchikan.

Just wanted to share that with ya’all.

15 Responses to Ketchican’t

  1. rainjax

    What kind of can did you catch in Ketchikan?

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Hope you get better soon.

  2. sd6

    I hope you don’t Retchikan.

    (don’t look at me, the other guy started it)

    Feel better. Trip sick is the worst. :(

  3. lithera

    Can you see Russia?

    …. I couldn’t help myself. I tried. I really did but I couldn’t avoid it.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. nealbailey

    They stole my joke! Well, I’ll improve on it:

    How are diplomatic relations?


  5. jonlaw

    Sick bad. No sick for you! Come back two years!

  6. aylara

    He’s totally an international diplomat now.

  7. aylara

    Clearly not too cold for germs, then.

  8. djfanboy

    I’m Seth in San Francisco.

    …wait. wrong meme…

  9. lithera

    I have total faith in his qualifications.

  10. stacyx

    *offers chicken soup* Get better soon.

  11. anw

    You should get well again in Saskatchewan.

  12. mercuryeric

    Sorry to hear that, sir.

    …awesome userpic, though.


  13. mercuryeric

    ::wipes away tears of joy::

    That was awesome, guys.


  14. lithera


    You’re welcome.

  15. dewline

    Speedy recovery to you, Greg.

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