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Keeper (1996)

Keeper Cover

Keeper Cover

For Atticus Kodiak, professional bodyguard, the object is to keep people alive, and there is no margin for error. Dr. Felice Romero hires Atticus and his team of security specialists to protect her and her daughter, Katie. As administrator of the Women’s LifeCare Clinic, she’s accumulated a thick file of anonymous death threats. With the approach of the Common Ground Conference, designed to forge a compromise between pro-choice and pro-life groups and end violent protest, the threats have escalated in number and ugliness. Even as he defends the doctor’s right to speak, Atticus knows that protecting the doctor at the conference will be logistical nightmare. Soon it becomes not only a matter of keeping her safe during the conference, but to keep everyone, including his own team, alive until the conference.

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Release information

Bantam US hardcover June 1996 0553102443
Bantam US paperback May 1997 0553574280


An impressive debut…Keeper is one to hang on to.

Crisper, tighter and tougher…A keeper as a novel!
—San Francisco Chronicle

Riveting…Keeper is full of surprises.
—Houston Chronicle

Keeper pulls at the heart-strings and brings tears to the eyes….A remarkable first novel.
—The Orlando Sentinel

The book is a keeper.
—The Boston Sunday Globe

Keeper is no ordinary thriller….Remarkable.
—The Denver Post

A strong debut and a real contribution to the genre. Keeper combines compelling plot with right-now subtext. Greg Rucka is going to make his mark…stay tuned!
—Andrew Vachss

A few top crime writers—Robert B. Parker in the Spenser series, for instance—have wandered into bodyguard territory. Rucka has the talent to make it his own, however, especially if he spins this trim tale into a series.
—Publishers Weekly