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Just finished Fallout 3

…I liked the ending of Star Trek II better….

34 Responses to Just finished Fallout 3

  1. trav28

    I thought that too. Although, I have saved it before that quest begins and have started heading off doing the little quests which are most satisfying. I think there may be someone out there who can change that ending (a certain Mr Fawkes) as he seems to have taken up residence in a location nearby. Now, if only my karma was good enough to get him onboard.

  2. jarmon

    I suppose it depends on the ending you get. There’s supposedly quite a few of them…

  3. moonandserpent

    Hahahaha! That was my exact thought as well. I can’t watch that ending without saying “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

    It takes a LOT to bring out my childhood Star Trek geek.

  4. jeditigger

    I’m at the airport killing time before my flight and I just snorted a few ounces of Starbucks espresso. THANK YOU, GREG. OW.


  5. weaselboy

    I hope this isn’t spoiling anything, but Fawkes doesn’t help in the last scene. Followers, in general, don’t really seem to affect anything outside of combat. (You’d think walking around with Fawkes or Charon would attract *some* attention, but nope!)

  6. jeffrey

    Aaagggghhh, I need more time to play it. I keep getting sidetracked with all the mini quests and odd little locations. Did you just follow the main story stuff or did you go through and clear every location like I am forcing myself to do? :p

  7. trav28

    Darn, I was hoping Fawkes could sort the radiation out for me :) thanks for saving me time there!

  8. lithera

    I haven’t gotten it yet because I by nothing for myself that could be a gift after Nov 1st or so. That said, I’m playing Left 4 Dead. Dear Lord this game is unmitigated awesome.

    My gamer tag is LitheraIceblade if you’d like to play that or Catan or something some time.

  9. admin

    Not really. The game ends much as the other Fallout games ended; with a voice-over describing the acts of the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101, and their effects on the Capitol Wasteland. What you get is dependent on your Karma, and how you resolved certain side-quests and the main quest.

    But there really isn’t a terrible amount of variation in the final result.

  10. admin

    Considering that the chamber looks almost identical to the warp core chamber in STII, I kinda found the parallel hard to miss.

  11. admin

    My pleasure.

  12. admin

    Clearing every location would’ve been a mammoth undertaking beyond my ability — there are literally hundreds of locations.

    I resolved most of the side-quests before completing the main quest.

  13. admin

    I have neither game, but look out! I’m gonna friend you!

  14. lithera

    OH NO! What a fate.

    Awesome. I’m sure we can find something to play at some point.

  15. jeffrey

    We haven’t been able to play much Left 4 Dead yet, but what we *have* played is pretty freakin’ swell. :)

  16. jeffrey

    there are literally hundreds of locations.

    I know! It’s a sickness. I’m doooooomed.

    It’s a good thing I’m incredibly enamored of GNR and Three Dog.

  17. will_eslinger

    The ending was a tad disappointing, but the experience that the game offered from beginning to end is one that will stay with me for a long, long time.

    My gamer tag is SixGun44

  18. lithera

    It is amazing. Not normally my sort of game but man, it is fantastic.

  19. lunatic96

    Once I came to terms with the fact that Fallout 3 wasn’t really a fallout game, but rather oblivion with guns I managed to enjoy it a lot more.

  20. admin

    That’s a fair way to look at it, I think.

  21. jeffrey

    Yeah, I’m usually not at all into games without any story at all, but the sheer joy of mowing down zombies in this game cannot be denies. :)

  22. lithera

    Yeah. The first thing that got to me was HOW FAST THEY ARE. My friends and I spent a lot of time shouting obscenities at the screen.

  23. jeffrey

    I think a couple times I actually jumped off the couch and screamed :)

  24. lithera


    Yeah. There was a lot of moments that sounded like that.

  25. jeffrey

    Why do the witches have to cry like little girls? WHY?


  26. lithera

    No kidding.

    No kidding.

  27. jeffrey

    *cries and hides*

  28. mercuryeric

    Oddly, I seem to be overflowing with Good Karma; am currently enjoying my new role as a “Regulator.” Collections of fingers: the mark of justice. Heh.


  29. chris_squared

    Transitioning from post-apocalyptic to zombies is smoother than I thought it would be

    Compared to the previous games, I felt quite gipped. Perhaps it was how many character’s lives you can touch/alter, but I was expecting the ripples to be far reaching in the wrap up monologue. I think it was Fallout 2 which literally would tell you how things went for each major town after the events of the game.
    Left 4 Dead has washed out the sour ending out of my mind, as I’m really enjoying a game that emphasizes working as a tactical unit. When you can find a game of like minded people, it’s a beautiful thing, even on Advanced difficulty. Now if I could just get the Witch-in-one-shot achievement…
    xBox live handle: Dollor

  30. jared465

    Nice, man. Good work. I have been bouncing from game to game and haven’t really been able to sink me teeth back into it. hopefully soon….

  31. admin

    Damn, I’m sorry, man. Didn’t mean to spoil for you.

  32. jared465

    No worries – I didn’t read any of the posts below your main one so I’m sure the end will still be more or less unspoiled…Not to mention it will probably take me six months to finish the damn thing so I probably won’t remember anyways…(I think it took me about a year to finish Oblivion)

    I’m having a hard time really getting into Fallout 3 and have been having videogame ADD in general because not much is really grabbing me.

    Surprising (to me at least) the only game this fall I really got into was (so far) was Dead Space. I rented it on a whim and thought it was just great. It came in totally under my radar, I’m not sure why, maybe because its EA and I didn’t think they could deliver something that good. I finished like 9/10ths of it (i played it pretty much non-stop over weekend awhile ago)and had to take it back because i was leaving for a vacation. I have’t been able to get it again to finish it off.

    Come to think of it, I think your old pal Antony Johnston did a comic for it.

  33. jeffrey

    Ok, please tell me you at least noticed this re: Fallout 3:

    In the Citadel there’s a squad called Lyon’s Pryde. You can talk to them and find out all their specialties, etc.

    One of them is named Greg Bear. But his friends call him “Kodiak”.

    That can’t be a coincidence. :)

  34. admin

    Well, Greg Bear is a very accomplished science fiction author, so I figured they were name-checking him, actually. Modest forbade me from assuming anything else…. ;)

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