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Just a little piece to keep the Rage Fires stoked

See, the thing is, this happens all the time. It just doesn’t get reported.

I followed that link off of a piece by Bill West, at the Counterterrosim Blog. It’s a good piece, though certainly nothing earth-shattering.

Be nice if the next POTUS had the political will and the intestinal fortitude to actually, y’know, do more than pay lip-service.

8 Responses to Just a little piece to keep the Rage Fires stoked

  1. nealbailey

    Ah, but don’t you know? It’s much more important we know what the women we objectify irrationally and present as role models egregiously are doing 24 hours a day!

    Quite ironically, it’s probably drinking coffee with quaaludes.

    I will be satisfied, quite frankly, if our next president can master Subject-Verb-Object, as a step up.

  2. thecomicman

    You know, I’m getting tired of people complaining about Bush’s speech. There are far more important things to complain about with this presidency than whether or not he can pronounce the word “nuclear.”

    Stick to proper criticism and leave the cheap shots to late night hosts.

  3. nealbailey

    Spin your wheels at someone else, buddy. I ain’t playing.

  4. dannyperkins

    I’m not a fan of Saudi Arabia.

    Actually that is understating it.

    They should be next up on the ass-whuppin list after we get done in Iraq if you ask me.

  5. kali921

    I’m so tired of the lip service and aid and a**kissing that the U.S. engages in with Saudi Arabia, ignoring the fact that so much law in Saudi Arabia is faith-based, with horrible consquences for women.

    If Hillary wins the White House, I hope she gives the virtual bird to Saudi Arabia, and cuts off the coddling and constant looking the other way when SA gives aid and succor to fanatics that engage in war the world over.

  6. dewline

    It’s been suggested repeatedly for years. My first opinion is this: not going to happen unless the President of the day is willing to risk atomic/chemical/biological retaliation within a US city for “desecrating” Mecca and Medina. Because you know that the nutters will re-dedicate themselves to making such a revenge-minded outrage happen the moment the boots start hitting the ground in KSA. No matter how much the government in the Kingdom, or any faction within it, deserves the attention.

    I may yet be proven wrong on any and all points, of course.

  7. fordmadoxfraud

    While it is lazy criticism to equate verbal malapropism with bad governance, what are you gonna do? People used to shit-talk Ford as if his physical clumsiness was an indicator of poor leadership qualities.

  8. fordmadoxfraud

    If you created a fictional country like SA in comic books, no one would accept it because it would seem so ridiculous and made up.

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