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Joys of Batman

It’s spring vacation for the Portland Public School system, so Elliot’s at home, and that has two immediate results. 1) it kills productivity, and 2) he and I get to hang out.

Hanging out, right now, consists of watching the Batman animated series from the early ’90s.

I think it is a very good thing to, every now and then, remind oneself how these characters look to someone who isn’t mired in issues of coninuity, or production, or the politics that surround them. Nice to remember the inherent cool-factor in Batman and Nightwing and Two-Face.

Back to watching “You Scratch My Back.”

1 Response to Joys of Batman

  1. mercuryeric

    Plus the inherent cool of seeing things like Jonah Hex facing down Ra’s al Ghul, and — despite a zillion Batman issues under one’s belt — slapping one’s forehead and saying, “Of course! It makes such perfect, perfect sense!”


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