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Joker Antics

Looks like Portland’s on the hit-list. Portland instructions are in the “t” in the word “without.” Looks like you start at Voodoo Doughnuts, but I could be wrong.

Me, I’ve got kids and no clown suit, so count me out. But I’m curious as to what will be found.

And jonlaw, looks like DC will be hopping.

5 Responses to Joker Antics

  1. kali921

    Oh, THANKS, man. Now I’m clicking obsessively trying to find out if San Francisco is on the list!

    Also, I believe in Harvey Dent.

  2. dewline

    Looks Intriguing

    I’ll be interested in seeing how this plays out as well.

    Anyone know of a *.ca version?

  3. djfanboy

    jeez, I must be tired. I first read that as PENDANT’s on the Hit-List.

    …though that would be amusing too…

  4. supergodginrai

    I really think this whole viral promo thing is awesome.
    Just wished I was closer to some of it.

  5. stealthbunny

    Hmmm…. makes me torn sometimes… I miss all the fun and games by living in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand… Jokers and Such wouldn’t even bother with a Middle of Nowhere, so I’m much safer!

    Except for rabbits plotting to take over the world.

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