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It’s Wednesday, and That Means…

…comic books!

In particular, the last issue of my and Eric Trautmann‘s run on Action Comics is in stores, wrapping up the Nightwing and Flamebird storyline, and folding into the upcoming events as helmed by Sterling and James. Pere did some beautiful art this issue, and the cover – which you can see on the frontpage here – is truly stunning.

And if that wasn’t enough, after a long delay, Stumptown #3 will be in stores, the third part of the “Girl who Left her Mini but Took her Shampoo.” Matthew Southworth art! Dex in trouble! A funny bit with not one, but two cars! Snappy dialogue! Menace! A minor concussion! What more could you want from a book about a down-at-her-luck knight-errant of a private investigator!?!

And as for me, I venture to the land of Los Angeles tomorrow afternoon, to pursue…various other pursuits.

Starting next week, I’ll be posting the first excerpt from The Last Run, as well as – possibly – some more of Rick Burchett’s art.

10 Responses to It’s Wednesday, and That Means…

  1. Evan



  2. Kyven

    Your Question co-feature is still in the next two issues of Detective Comics right? I was going to pick them up just for that.

  3. greg

    That’s correct. Two more Q/Huntress back-ups to go.

  4. Jeff

    While in LA pursue more stories, Kind Sir, that you can bring to life in comics–please!

  5. Eric

    Well, thanks to Stumptown, Greg, you’ve got me back into The Rockford Files. :) I’ve been tearing through the seasons on Netflix. The show never really jumped the shark. Good for them.

    Did you hear that there’s a Rockford show coming out this fall?

  6. Ken Liner

    I was just about to post the identical item that Eric just did. I was too young to watch Rockford when it aired in the mid-70s, but I remember my Mom watching it.

    I’ve seen the 1st 5 episodes, and I really like it. I wish I could watch them faster, but life keeps getting in the way.

    Looking forward to my package of books next week with Stumptown & Action.

    Q&C preview…YES!!!

  7. Peter

    Yay, more Stumptown! I picked up the new issue but haven’t read it yet.

    All this talk of The Rockford Files got me wondering…if Stumptown was a TV series, what would the theme song sound like? Extra points if you can imagine Mike Post doing the theme.

  8. Evan

    Took me until Sunday to get my hands on Stumptown 3. The week has been insane and this week is not shaping up much better.

    Except . . .

    I got to read Stumptown 3 and it continued to bring the awesom!!

    Good to see Dex give a little back of the punishment she been getting. Great to get closer to the heart of what is going on.

    Must . . . have . . . Issue . . . Four!

    I think my new place of purchase has to be Beyond Comics. They had plenty of issues. Fantom Comics at Union Station usually only has a token issue of Stumptown. They sell out becuase I buy the one issue.

    Except somebody else got it first this go round.

    So, the guy behind the counter at Beyond Comics said he was a Rucka fan (big plus) and he knows the new colorist on Stumptown, so good place to spend my paltry dough all around.

    Thanks for more outstanding storytelling Greg! (No get back to work because I want MORE).

  9. Craig

    That cover…who sold their sould?

  10. Craig

    …or soul…

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