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It’s That Time Again

Heading off to Seattle tomorrow, in advance of the Emerald City Comic Con, where I will be signing and, presumably, rambling on in my traditional semi-congenial style. Jen and I will be sitting together, so those of you looking to talk about Black Lightning, now’s your chance! And, of course, I’ll be in the company of various other partners in crime, like Matthew Southworth, Eric Trautmann, and, of course, Mr. Brandon Jerwa.

Quite looking forward to this show, actually — it’s one of my favorites, if for no other reason than it feels like my “regional” show.

Hope to see you there!

16 Responses to It’s That Time Again

  1. lithera

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. kozemp

    /looks forlornly at WW Philly guest list


  3. jeditigger

    Am so sad not to be there and see you, Sale, Wheaton and Jusko. You are such nice fellows, all of you.

    Have a good time.

  4. captain_slinky

    I will be there, and I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU to start at least three different Non-Rumors while there! Stuff like, you know, when there’s something that you can’t comment on, try deliberately misleading the crowd? “I’ve been told that i can’t comment on that, but, uh… just between us… I’d start looking through old issues of New Titans for hints. it’s right there for anybody willing to do the reading…”

  5. editor_lass

    Excellent. See you there.

    Any swag I can grab for you? I can probably get my hands on an extra PH 2, if you’re interested.

  6. darkphoenixrisn

    Cool. I’ll be sure to bring lots of stuff for you and Jen to sign. :)

  7. sd6

    Hey, that’s MR. BRANDON JERWA to you–

    –oh. I see what you did there.

  8. admin

    Hey, all they have to do is invite me, y’know?

    Some day, I promise. And we can drink beer and you can show me the theatre!

  9. admin

    You shall be missed!

  10. admin

    Oh, I think you’ve discovered that I’m quite easy when it comes to swag. I’ll take just about anything you might offer!

    Wait…that sounded naughtier than intended….

  11. admin

    See, I’ve tried this, but the fact is, I’m kinda pathologically honest when on panels. It’s actually gotten me into trouble.

  12. admin

    And we SHALL sign it! We shall!!

  13. edkaye

    Yay! I’ll be there this year! I’ll be sure to stop by and say hi!

  14. editor_lass

    That’s how I like my comics writers. Easy.

    ahem. See you Sunday!

  15. amelia_galotti


    Thank you for making my day today. Great to see you and yours.

  16. dewline

    We sufferers of that syndrome need a club of our own.

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