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It’s Renee Montoya Week!

Seriously, it is, at least according to Eric Newsom, keeper of all things Question at VicSage.Com. He’s posting all sorts of interesting stuff about the character, detailing her creation by Mitch Brian (to whom I shall forever be indebted) in Batman: The Animated Series and chronicling her evolution in comics. I’m posting this late Monday in my corner of the world, and he’s already put up the Tuesday content, including a script-to-page feature, showing my script for CB:FBOB #3 alongside Matthew Clark’s pencils. That’s just the tip of the iceberg — the amount of content he’s lined up is impressive as hell.

Definitely, definitely worth checking out, and I urge folks to take a look.

I’m slogging through the final phases of the first draft of Kodiak VII. End of the tunnel in sight; will be finished in the next couple of days, barring catastrophic incident. This means that I’ll be finishing while attending Wizard World Chicago this coming weekend. You see me Thursday or Friday, there’s a chance I’ll look like a haunted man; you catch me Saturday, odds are I’ll be chipper to the point of hysteria. Consider yourself warned.

The other thing this augers is that I’ll get back to this here blog a bit more frequently, something I’ve actually been quite eager to do. Not sure I’ll be making any more sense than I have, but there you go.

Let me know if any of y’all are going to be at the show this weekend!

15 Responses to It’s Renee Montoya Week!

  1. nealbailey

    That is a damned fine study of the script to the page.

    I’m gonna miss Chicago for the first year in three because of finances, but I’ll catch you in SD… strength with the completion.

  2. mikeperkins

    Greg -

    I’ll be there in Chicago. Hopefully we’ll find the time to sit down and have an extensive chin-wag at some point.

    All the best,

    Mike Perkins

  3. hdefined

    I instantly became a fan of Renee, and your writing, during the No Man’s Land arc Jurisprudence.

    Man . . . aside from his appearances in Gotham Central and Dark Victory, I don’t think anyone’s done anything interesting with Two-face for a while now.

  4. jeditigger

    Wow, talk about someone who doesn’t get enough press. That’s awesome. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. lithera

    I wish I were going to be in Chicago, but instead I’ll be in Toronto visiting my sister and her family. I’ll wave at you as I fly by.

  6. steelmagnolia88

    Yea I started reading all the stuff on there. I was surprised to see that he had the first Batman:TAS episode that stared Renee, posted to watch, along with the interview. I haven’t watched the show since I was little so it was a treat.

  7. life_on_stage

    Hi Greg,

    This is Jessica, the girl who’s the…. um…. face?… of Renee’s Question on I was hoping to meet you at HeroesCon and was a bit bummed out that you had to cancel. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you at some point soon (financials at the moment are limited, so cons this year are somewhat unlikely, maybe next year… with my girlfriend… who happens to be a redhead… though she’s slightly reluctant to be Batwoman, but I’m sure I’ll fix that).

    I hope you like and approve of the outfit, and I intend to do a Crime Bible prop as well, at some point.


  8. admin

    That would be outstanding!

  9. admin

    Two-Face rocks. I kinda miss writing him, to be honest.

  10. admin

    Hi, Jessica! I thought the costume was terrific, and loved the write-up describing your process, and how you made it. It’s more than a little vindicating when someone goes out there and puts a character in flesh-and-blood.

    I was very disappointed not to make the show this past weekend, myself. There was a family obligation that I couldn’t dodge, no matter how hard I tried. I have every intention of being at the show next year, however, and I’m hoping to make New York in ’09, as well, so hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you (and you’re girlfriend, should she show) at one of ‘em!

    And if you do a Black Book prop, please send me a picture!

  11. edkaye

    Thanks for letting us know about that. I’ll definitely be checking that site out.

    Damn, I keep missing all the cons. I haven’t been able to leave Canada for 4 years, and I just got my Residency/Landed immigrancy last week. I was hoping I would be able to hit one of the cons, but they told me I have to wait 1 month for my card to come though before I can travel. D’oh!

    Oh well, maybe next year maybe.

  12. edkaye

    that is a lot of maybes :)

  13. det_montoya

    Thanks for posting the link to “A History of Renee Montoya”. I really enjoyed the read!

  14. davidwynne

    I love that site. That’s how I first became interested in your stuff, as it happens… I read your interview and thought you came across really well, and then ADD reccomended your stuff to me as well… and now I’m addicted.

    But yeah, back on topic- rocks.

  15. hdefined

    I know that Heath Ledger/Joker is getting all the billing for The Dark Knight, but I really hope Two-Face quietly steals the show. I love Joker, but Two-Face has more tragedy built into his character.

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