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Yesterday saw the last issue of 52 in comic book stores, on shelves, in hands, and it saw it on goddamn time. That’s fifty-two issues delivered consecutively from week-to-week. No misses. No late-ships. No omitted pages, even.

There were errors, sure. A hanukkiah with seven candle holders instead of nine, for instance, or blood kryptonite that was, oddly, not blood-colored at all. Problems in storytelling and internal logic, as well, though far fewer of those than one might’ve thought. 52 has warts, and I’ll be the first to admit it.

But, in all honesty, I don’t think those detract from the impact of the final work. We didn’t do everything we set out to do, but we came damn close. And we succeeded where it mattered the most, I think — we told a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end, and the end was solid and with heart.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about 52 in this blog, for obvious reasons: 52 has ruled my life for almost 20 months, now. That’s easily the longest a single project has dominated my time and attention. Even the hard novels like A Fistful of Rain, Critical Space, and Patriot Acts never took this long (though, admittedly, Patriot Acts came close, mostly because I was trying to finish it during the writing of 52).

And it’s over.

I’ve got mixed emotions, at this point. I am very, very glad it’s finished and behind me. The project itself was enormously draining, physcially, emotionally, and mentally. It stole time from parts of my life it had no business intruding upon. It caused conflicts where none were necessary, and forced me to ignore other things that I truly wish I’d been able to give more attention. 52 was a cruel mistress, to be sure.

On the other hand, I have participated in something that, I think, is truly unique in the history of comics, and that — in and of itself — makes it a worthwhile endeavor. Anything that expands and explores the capacity of comics as a medium, as an art form, has merit, in my opinion, and certainly this qualifies.

And that’s that, at least for the moment.

Whiteout post either later today or tomorrow.

19 Responses to It’s OVER! It’s FINISHED!

  1. planetx

    So when’s the BATWOMAN/QUESTION miniseries coming out?

  2. admin

    This is too easy, but…

    …good question.

  3. lorisz

    A little off-topic…

    “The Outsiders” was probably the only song I liked about that album (and “The Aftermath”). And I’ve listened to them since I was ten…

    Congratulations on finishing 52. While I’m not the biggest fan of the genre, I saw in it a very consistent piece of work.

  4. bbe

    I enjoyed it, sorry it’s over.

    And besides everything else, it sucked me into the comic store 52 times in a year rather than the normal 12-15, which probably helped DC’s bottom line a bit.

  5. hanabishirecca

    Not only has 52 hooked me and my wife to DC but it has become the example of what I have always been looking for in comics.

  6. davesbu

    i gotta say, I am really glad to have been along for the ride for 52. The thing was such a glorious mind fuck (yes, that’s the word I’m using for the entire series). Warts and all, this was a helluva endeavor to embark on and if I were you I’d be extremely proud that I had anything to do with this complete beautiful mess of a thing that honestly–when I look at the entire series as a whole I say, “Even trying this just takes some balls.”

    I dunno if you saw this but Iron Fist writer Matt Fraction wrote this uber long beautiful blog about it: And he gives you props.

  7. paxm

    Congrats on 52! What a great series! First weekly book I’ve ever bought and it was worth it. In spite of the warts you mention, the book was amazingly consistent week-to-week.

    I’ve suddenly become a huge Renee fan!

  8. mercuryeric

    You did good, man. It’s solid work, and “warts” and all, it read very, very well.

    Get some rest.


  9. mercuryeric

    Jeez Loueez: Fraction really wrote a love letter there, didn’t he?



  10. michaelbailey

    This was the best way possible to bring back…that.

    And as a fan of…that…it is nice to see it back.

  11. gabbicus

    You rock :)
    As a retailer, I thank you for keeping your promise, and making this book come out on time, every week, with quality. I am amazed that the quality of this book and the tension of it remained consistent for an entire year.
    Well done, sir.

  12. thebitterguy

    Hey, it went the distance. You guys did good work.

  13. dewline


  14. oilyrags

    I was going to scold you for the word “hanukkiah,” which I, who am technically a Red Sea Pedestrian have never heard before. But I looked it up, and apparently some people do use it in place of menorah. So.


    Oh! Here’s something I can scold you about.

    I don’t remember Charlie/Vic ever smoking cigarettes (during O’Neill’s run, at least.) So what’s with the lung cancer? I don’t mind you dudes killing him (well, not much anyway – I really loved that run in the mid to late 80s) but that seemed out of character for the guy, especially after Richard Dragon spent a year brainwashing him into the Taoist Avenger.

    Anyway, it’s a minor thing, really, and I trust you have interesting plans in place for Rene Monotoya, La Pregunta. I’m looking forward to seeing them unfold.

  15. admin


    Look at issue 1 of the O’Neil Question run; Vic is smoking throughout, and there’s even an exchange of dialogue with Tot about the nicotine in his system effecting the adhesive on the mask.

  16. oilyrags

    Re: Smokin’?

    Heh. I would if I could, but my collection is far away from here and I haven’t looked it over for years. I trust you’re right, though, I think I even have a cloudy memory of it. Still, I feel sure that he quit during the sabbatical during which he gained his mad kungfu skillz0rz. Not that such a thing would neccesarily prevent carcinogenesis.

    Nitpick over. As you were.

  17. dewline

    Re: Smokin’?

    You’ve left me wondering if some digging through the old Ditko stuff might not uncover even earlier examples…and wishing I had copies of it at hand.

  18. alexg119


  19. michaelmay

    Congrats, Greg. 52 was something to be proud of. I don’t know if you’ve read Matt Fraction’s review of it (, but I agree with every word. It was a really fun experience to read.

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