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It’s not Real, it’s TeeVee!

I was on local television this morning, on KATU’s AM Northwest. Pleasant enough way to spend an hour waiting and six minutes chatting. Hyped the signing at the Beaverton Powell’s tonight, but missed the opportunity to talk about this coming Saturday’s event at Bob’s Beach Books in Lincoln City.

Of course, the major topic of conversation? Not the new novel, but rather Whiteout, in particular the part about Kate Beckinsale. Still, made sure I mentioned Steve and Oni on the air, so at least I got the shouts out, so to speak.

Now? I’m going to work.

6 Responses to It’s not Real, it’s TeeVee!

  1. stealthbunny

    On a completely different note (although much coolness for the above, truly!!), my neice started 8th grade at York this year! She’s a bit overwhelmed, going from public school to this, but she’s loving it, and apparently digging through the yearbooks trying to find me and asking teachers if they knew/remember me. The upperclassmen have apparently adopted her, and she’s also starting out in drama.

    Oh, yeah, I’m proud, yep, yep.

  2. incogvito

    dude, I’m really happy for you. I wish i still lived in the great Northwest (I lived in Seattle for a year some time ago). I’d be all over those signings.

  3. sd6

    Hi Greg! We found your LJ through Eric and just wanted to say a quick hello (and that we’ve added you).

    Jessica & Brandon

    P.S. We share this LJ so our entries are often identified with male/female avatars. ;)

  4. admin

    Fun AND sexy! Excellent!

  5. dannyperkins

    Watched the interview on TV Greg. I thought they did a nice job asking the appropriate questions.

    You looked pretty dapper too!

  6. dannyperkins

    They stole my question about fan crossover too!

    I’m pissed!

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