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“…it’s in the book.” (Or: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking”)

I was going to hold off on this until Wednesday night (or Preview Night for those SDCC-bound), but after 1) talking to James Lucas, and 2) seeing Matthew’s inks for Stumptown #1, I’m rather impatient. Add to that a large amount of pure geek-joy at the work Matthew and mercuryeric did, and I’m feeling in a sharing mood.

Besides, I haven’t posted a graphic in a while. Beware, the file’s a little on the big side, and you’ll want to make with the clicky-clicky to zoom in and get all the detail.

We’ll have about 200-250 of them to hand out on Saturday.

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a while may recall me soliciting the names of fictional PIs about a year or so back. Now you know why.

Thanks to everyone for their considerable help in compiling the list.

Edited to add:

In the interest of full disclosure, I stole this idea shamelessly from

Jim Rockford being the patron saint of all modern-day PIs, as far as I’m concerned.

39 Responses to “…it’s in the book.” (Or: “Let Your Fingers Do The Walking”)

  1. chrisisiddall

    I hope I’m not the first to say that is a little piece of genius.

  2. lithera


    I like it.

  3. parakkum

    How long did all the other names there take? The first one that jumped out at me was “Tree Investigations”, but there are quite a few recognizable ones in there (which makes me think I would recognize all of them, if I gave it some time).

  4. jeffrey

    This post rocks my face sideways.

  5. sketchjournal

    I love the poster.

    Very clever.

  6. fluidbeauty


    What a cool idea and a great execution! All my favorites are on there, and it’s silly because I shouldn’t be surprised by any of them, yet it’s still a fun thrill to see them there.

    I’d be at the con (been meaning to get back since I was able to see you there in ’04), but I’ve got to be in Miami for work next week. s there any way I can trade something for one of the posters? Like a donation to a charity of your choice? Or you pick an alternative

    If that’s not possible, the JPG is a good substitute. Thanks for posting it.

  7. sd6

    What? No Dakota North?


  8. tigernach

    Looks like an awesome list. I like the ‘dirk gently’ reference, as well as a few others. good for the geeks!

  9. brannonb

    I DL’ed the Rockford theme from iTunes a few weeks ago.

    Got to love that theme.

  10. dewline

    Mike Post. Man ought to be re-issuing a few of his old collections, ASAP.

  11. nadefilippis

    This looks awesome.

    There are so many cool things about it, but you wanna know my favorite?

    Devlin Investigations is in a bigger font than everyone else.

    Heh heh.

    Great stuff, Greg. Can’t wait until the book comes out.

  12. jjgalahad

    Awesome on so many levels.

    I can’t believe you managed to get Tree Investigations and Blue Moon Detective Agency on the same list! Thanks for this – I only wish I could have my own copy but alas, not making it to SDCC this year.

    Heh. Now a perverse part of me is now wondering how you’d get Pronzini’s Nameless Detective on that list. A “*” maybe?

  13. snagvictim

    The barely-visible ghost images of the text on the other side of the page are a particularly nice touch.

  14. tawang

    Beautiful work. I was especially happy to see “Mr. Keene, Tracer of Lost Persons” on there. (And I only learned about him as a child because of Bob & Ray’s spoof, “Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons.” Which I guess still ages me a little…)

    Can’t wait for the series.

  15. admin


    Yeah, figures you would spot that — you’ve always had a tremendous eye for detail, man.

    Eric was telling me about how he did that, and how Gabi came into his office as he was working on it, and called him…shall we say, somewhat obsessive-compulsive? But it really does give it that flimsy yellow-pages paper feel, don’t it?

  16. admin

    You know, I actually spent some time pondering that one myself, but couldn’t come up with anything I particularly liked other than, well, “Less, Nam E.” which, frankly, is lame.

  17. admin


    That was just for you guys!

  18. admin

    I’ve got a copy of it grocked from somewhere, and the thing of it is…it’s a brilliant little piece of music. The bridge is particularly excellent, all the stuff you never heard in the show, y’know?

  19. admin

    This from a man with a Cobra Commander icon….

  20. admin

    Re: Congratulations

    Was talking with James Lucas last night, as I said, and the subject of promotional materials, etc, came up. There is a plan afoot for swag.

    But on the subject of the poster — and I’ve no idea how large they’ll actually be, mind you — I’m sure we can work something out.

  21. admin

    To compile? Not that long, surprisingly. There are so many detectives — we had something like twice as many names as we had room for.

  22. sd6


    I see how you are….

  23. admin

    See, I was going to say something about Dakota’s future and upcoming DD issues, but I didn’t want to spoil anything….

  24. sd6

    Well, I was going to say something about Cobra Commander’s future, but I didn’t want to spoil anything, either…


  25. brandonjerwa

    Yeah, I was just about to comment on that. That’s the magic of Eric.

    (I was going to say “that’s The Anal World of Eric Trautmann,” but it turns out there’s already a movie with that name. Have to watch those copyright infringement lawsuits, y’know.

  26. brandonjerwa

    Wait, I don’t actually have any spoilers. You automatically win, but I will NOT beg for mercy.


  27. jjgalahad

    Ha! This is one of those very few instances where you’d have to think like The freakin’ Riddler to puzzle things out (which subsequently makes me understand why people don’t use him in the old fashioned “Riddle Me This!” way so much anymore).

    The feeble best I can come up with is something like
    “555-5555 ______ _________ – by referrals only”
    at the top or bottom of the list but meh.

    In any case, this list remains kick-ass enough that Nameless can be safely left alone. You get unlimited bonus awesome points for the Dirk Gently reference alone. :D

  28. jjgalahad

    Or! A number followed by a name that starts with “N” but has the rest of it obscured by a coffee stain or something! Naturally, I only think of this after posting the first time. Yeesh.

  29. fluidbeauty

    Re: Congratulations

    That’s great! I’ll keep checking for updates. Have a safe trip and have fun. I’ll be reading the panel reports

  30. fordmadoxfraud

    At first I read “Here is the porno poster we’re handing out”, and I was like, what is this dude writing?

  31. aylara


    *friends you and Christina*

    *runs away*

  32. odessasteps

    maybe I’m being slow today (blood sugar issues), but is there a reference to Mr and Mrs Charles that I’m not getting? Or are they absent because he is technically retired?

  33. ratmmjess

    Wonderful stuff. Especially pleased to see the Li Kao reference.

  34. will_eslinger

    Agra & Donavon? Hellz yes! that’s my favorite part, also I have a new desktop background now.

  35. supergodginrai

    Can’t wait :D

  36. jared465

    Nice dude. It looks like Eric knows his photoshop!

  37. mercuryeric

    Re: Congratulations

    The posters were designed for 20 inches by 30 inches. No idea if they’ll print ‘em smaller, but that was the design spec.


  38. qmoonblood

    That’s classic. Can’t wait for the series.

  39. supergodginrai

    Not related

    Whiteout movie mentioned on Wired feed

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