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It’s called Work for a Reason

Busy. Been very busy. And, as a result, have allowed all sorts of things that are not strictly classified as “work” to fall by the wayside.

Of note is the fact that I will be attending the New York Comic Con from February 6th to the 8th, signing at both DC and Oni, as well as – I imagine – participating in various panels, including one moderated by Bob Greenberger on “The Hero in Prose,” Friday the 6th, from 6 to 7 pm, in Panel Room 5. There will be more, I’m sure. I’ll post here as the schedule manifests itself. As of my last check, I’m still not listed anywhere on the con’s materials, which – frankly – I’m finding more than a little annoying, especially considering that I registered some five months ago. So for those of you attending the con and wondering if I’ll be there, the answer is, yes, I will be there, barring sudden Acts of God or Similar Deific Interference.

As far as conventions go, I’ll be at Emerald City, as well. Still up in the air about WonderCon.

23 Responses to It’s called Work for a Reason

  1. devilman145

    Really hoping you go to Wondercon. I’d love to have you sign my new Daredevil hardcover.

  2. _tonylee_

    I had the same thing, Greg. I emailed Lance Fensterman directly (he’s the one who keeps sending the update emails) and he put me straight across to the guy who does the website.

    Even with the Xmas break, I was up as attending artist within a day or two.

    That said, they still didn’t get the panel I’m on correct…

  3. yuripup

    Are you likely to have time for dinner/drinks in a non-con sense when you are out here? Or is it likely to be all business?

    Don’t know if $50 is in the cards for me, but hopping into the city certainly could be.

  4. jared465

    Cool. I think i am going to go to that one this year – so maybe I’ll see you have you sign something!

    BTW – do you think ONI will have any of the SDCC Stumptown previews around?

  5. kozemp

    You’re listed on the con website, at the least.

    And Batwoman is… WHITE. Like, seriously, wow.

  6. admin

    My understanding is that it is under consideration. It may come down to logistics.

  7. admin

    It’s an aesthetic, dude.

  8. kozemp

    Oh, well, in that case.

  9. jared465

    Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply!

  10. indigi


    Will Revelations be finished by then?

  11. the_fallen_

    Don’t feel too bad greg, Dan Slott and Sean Mckeever have both announced there going to be their but nothing is on the official site. It was like this last year where the fans don’t know certain creators are their and they have nothing for them to sign.

    But if you have the chance during the con we at would love to talk with you and you can tease all your new projects as much as possible. :)

  12. thedrake67

    The Prisoner is dead … Long Live the Prisoner!

    Hey Greg,

    Don’t know if you saw this news, but I just read that Patrick McGoohan died yesterday. I figured since you occasionally use his image in your postings (which I copied from you – hope that’s okay!), you’re a fan of his work, as, obviously, am I.

    I remember watching The Prisoner years ago as a kid with my Dad and brother. It had quite an impact on me, and I greatly enjoyed introducing my wife to the show a few years ago when they came out on DVD. It was nice to see that they held up and still had relevance.

    Also, thought I’d let you know that I’m a fan of all your work (Jan’s too!), and have had the pleasure of talking with you at a couple different cons. I’m resisting reading “Walking Dead” online, so that I can enjoy it in it’s entirety when it’s published. I still get a certain amount of joy holding a book in my hands and flipping the pages as I read it.

  13. lithera

    Look forward to being able to say Hi at Emerald City. I’d actually like to be able to do more than just say hi this time…

    I don’t know how much time you’d have but I’d if you’d let me buy you a coffee or a beer.

  14. admin

    Re: The Prisoner is dead … Long Live the Prisoner!

    Yes, I’d read about his passing this morning. His work had a profound influence on me, perhaps more so than I realize myself. I doubt we’ll see his like again.

  15. admin

    Be more than happy to try and arrange that! Seek me out!

  16. admin

    Issue 5 should be out next week, I think – perhaps the week after, but it’s done, colored, and at the printer, AFAIK.

  17. sixteenbynine

    I’ll be at NY Comic-Con as press! I’ll try to sneak up to you at one of the panels and say hi — it’s been, like, at least 12 years or more since I last saw you in person. Hope they get the silly nonsense with the con program materials unsnarled.

  18. jonlaw

    Re: The Prisoner is dead … Long Live the Prisoner!

    I had not heard this. A profound loss. My father also sat me down to watch The Prisoner when young, and I saw it several times on my local PBS stations. I was fascinated every time I watched and I would watch it again.

  19. jonlaw

    New York . . . so near and yet so far.

    Hope to get you closer sometime soon.

  20. the_fallen_

    Definitely looking forward to meeting you. Renee really has become a favorite character of mine bud and I’m looking forward to action. What I do know so far is that we are in the podcast area. But I shall seek you out!

  21. alexg119

    Dude–we needs must meet up when you are in town–No school so the schedule is very flexible on my end…

  22. abc_evie

    Hi Greg, I’ll be covering NYCC for Publishers Weekly and my own podcast, do you have any more details about your schedule? Would like to tip my hat. -Evie

  23. admin

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

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