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It Has Come to My Attention…

…that those subscribed to this blog via RSS feeds are able to read my, ahem, not-for-public-consumption posts.

This raises two questions:

1) Is this, in fact, the case?
2) And how can I secure these posts so that RSS feeds do not have access to such private posts?

18 Responses to It Has Come to My Attention…

  1. drkscrtlv

    I would guess not.

    I don’t know which posts you’re referring to, but if you log out and hit you shouldn’t see said posts. If you’re logged in you may see them.

  2. nealbailey

    I am logged in, and I could not see locked entries on the CSS feed.

  3. davidwynne

    I’m guessing you’re talking about the previous post that’s, well, gone now? Well, I don’t think it was friends locked. I’m pretty sure that when Iread it, I wasn’t actually logged in to lj (i logged in to post my comment that time). Is it possible you just forgot to make it friends only (or whichever custom group you meant it for)?

  4. technogreek

    I’m pretty sure you’re not putting private posts on RSS. Even logged in to LJ, I still only see the same posts. Hope this helps ease your mind.

  5. lancescott

    Nah, I saw the little lock there next to the post. He had it locked for LJ.

  6. angelophile

    I know my LJ private posts aren’t readable through RSS feeds since I have a feed set up on my website that publishes my LJ posts and friends locked posts are never included.

  7. seankennedy

    I saw it on google reader last night.

  8. gavinbeattie

    I subscribe via RSS and did see the last post via Google Reader (URL which I can’t see either on your main LJ page or via this direct link. So I’d say that at least some of your private messages are going out on the RSS feed. I don’t really use LJ so can’t offer any advice on stopping this from happening – sorry.

  9. misterfrank

    A poorly maintained blog indeed! Good luck with that.

  10. angelophile

    I guess the easy way to test is to make a private/friends only post which says something like “If you can read this post on a feed, let me know.”

    Then you know for sure.

  11. admin

    That is, in fact, as suspected.



  12. admin

    Thanks for letting me know.

  13. admin

    No, no! Really, it’s poorly maintained! Honest!

  14. admin

    I was considering just such a test, actually….

  15. aylara

    I’m wondering if it’s a specific reader thing, since everybody who responded (saying they saw it) were using Google reader. Maybe this doesn’t happen with Yahoo! reader… not that it helps you out to know that.

    So yeah, I think you should try a test post to see what happens.

    Either way, though…boo.

  16. misterfrank

    I meant that the post showed that the blog was indeed poorly maintained. I totally believe you!

  17. ajpursell

    It was about Keith Giffen wasn’t it?

    Damnit. Now I wish I read your LJ on an RSS feed.

  18. davidwynne

    Okay, fair enough. I must have been logged in after all.

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