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Is it the water or what?

Okay, this is just getting silly.

Jen suggested calling this entry, “Tribe Dies When Virgin Cannot Be Found To Satisfy Angry Volcano God.” Which I like, but is a little long-winded.

14 Responses to Is it the water or what?

  1. sora50

    I’m more surprised that they got someone from the New York Post for that segment. Did the editor of SUNY Brockport’s newspaper not return their calls?

  2. kali921

    He pulled a Cindy McCain! WOW. That takes some moral turpitude, and I can’t quite get the thought out of my head that either a journalist or a staffer threatened to expose him, thus his proactive admission. So who succeeds him now?

  3. budgie_uk

    Is this for real?

    Holy hell; it’s one of the “you couldn’t make it up” files. I’m just wondering now which one of them (Spitzer or Paterson) is thinking “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” more…

  4. skalja

    Okay, there has got to be some kind of higher power behind the fact that this entry was just above another one on my friendslist commenting on the fact that Disney is now making bridalwear.

    I mean, really.

  5. mercuryeric


    Your bride. She is brilliance incarnate.

    But you knew this.

    And no, it’s not the water. Winter in New York State is freaking cold, man. So, you know, you do what you must to keep warm.

    Were I still a NY resident, I would happily champion a governor/interim governor who just said “screw it,” and launched the campaign to call New York “The Adultery State.” Maybe a promotional partnership with Pennsylvania. The cross-promo opportunities with “You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania” are patently obvious. HUGE tourism boom.



  6. mercuryeric


    (Survivor of SUNY Plattsburgh communications program.)

  7. rabidfangurl

    Would that be the tribe of Politicus? Because really, I think we can let them die out.

  8. sd6

    I suspect this confession is just a smokescreen to distract from his predilection for skinning Jehovah’s Witnesses and fashioning their pelts into old-timey swimsuits.

  9. fordmadoxfraud

    “Silly” because people are making a big deal about infidelity, or “silly” because you find that an obvious disqualifier for public office?

  10. admin

    “Silly” because it follows in the wake of Spitzer’s flaming demise. Timing is everything.

  11. fordmadoxfraud

    I guess. It’s just weird to me that people are acting like their transgressions are at all equivalent.

  12. lothos

    Pfft. The angry volcano god was going to eat everyone anyway. Or was behind everyone having sex.

  13. alexg119

    Comin’ to you from NYC–No one except the tabloid newspapers seemed to care about the latest revelation. People were too sexed out from all the Spitzer details…

  14. supergodginrai

    Obviously not the water, I’m still without “out of wed” adventures and plan to stay that way lol.

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