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Is it Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

I think…

…I think I’ve cracked it…


…after months literally struggling with a structural problem in a Story That Shall Remain Nameless, I think I’ve finally cracked it.

The relief I feel is tangible.

To celebrate, I share the following, which those of you who care have probably already seen, but if you haven’t, well, here you go. Warner Brothers has apparently begun releasing still images from Whiteout. I reproduce two here for your amusement. One of them I was actually on set for.

First, the delectable Ms. Beckinsale, who manages to remain delectable while wearing ECW. this may explain why she earns seven figures a film.

This looks to have been taken on the set for ASB.

Second shot, from the Russian Cargo Plane interior, with Kate, Gabriel Macht, and Columbus Short.

This one I was on-set for. Or more precisely, I was upstairs in the production offices while they were shooting this sequence. Of all the sets Steve and I visited while in Montreal, it was this set that probably blew us away the most. The details were mind-boggling. The whole set was about fifteen feet off the deck of the sound stage, and canted at an insanely bizarre angle, to simulate the plane first having crashed, and then having sunk beneath the ice. The angle of the interior was such that you had to be extremely careful of your footing — a lot of the ice effects for the interior were created using a gelatin-like substance, and between that, gravity, and the attention to detail, you quite literally ended up slipping and sliding around the interior.

Rumors online seem to put the release of the film in fall of ’08 now. I can neither confirm nor deny this; I simply don’t know. Makes sense to me if it is true, though. At least Whiteout won’t get eaten alive by this.

Auction update. At last glance, the mysterious Montoya journal was going for $157.50! That is, to me, extremely cool. Hopefully it’ll pull down a nice donation for the Hero Initiative.

We now return to your regularly schedule blogs.

8 Responses to Is it Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

  1. lithera

    Yeah. Best to stay away from Indy, which even if it does suck, will smash everything around it. (Please don’t suck, please don’t suck.) I’m looking forward to seeing Whiteout on screen and right now the writer’s strike probably means they’re moving around everything they have done to get an even coverage for as long as possible because they’re going to start running out of finished projects.

  2. youri_zoutman

    I think Kate looks sexier there then she did in any of the Underworld movies.

  3. jonlaw

    I was thinking Whiteout today too (you probably think about it a lot more, what with number three in the works). We have an office party and gift exchange every year. Today, I stopped on my lunch break by Fantom Comics in Union Station and picked up a copy of the original Whiteout trade to wrap up and throw into the mix for the exchange. We always have widely divergent gifts show up, but I thought this might be a good thing to throw in the mix and see what will happen.

    I’ll report back.

    Glad to hear about the breakthrough creatively. That must be very satisfying.

  4. brannonb

    Hey Greg, that’s got to be the most incredibly cool feeling to see your work growing into new venues. The stills look great. I’ll definitely go plunk down my rubles to see the film :-)

  5. midusunknown

    Dang, wish I had that kind of money to donate to the hero initiative in such a form. That montoya journal is quite the tempting item, twere only my wallet so filled with cash.

  6. lothos

    Congrats on the story progress. Always a great and exciting event.

    *drools at the pictures*

  7. spitfire92

    Hey Greg, I didn’t know you had a blog until now so it’s been really fun reading through this page. I am thrilled to bits that Whiteout is being made into a movie. I can’t wait to read VOL 3 even more.

  8. djsnyder

    Speaking of Antarctica, there’s a good interview at with the IT manager at Amundsen-Scott.

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