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iPhoto Clients

I upgraded to Leopard, and I’m digging it. I updated to iPhoto ’08, and I’m digging that, too.

What I am not diggin’ is the fact that none of the available clients for uploading to ScrapBook seem to work for me. Either I am a) doing something wrong, or b) they’re not working. While “a” is very possible, and even likely, I suspect that “b” is the culprit.

Anyone out there in the same boat? Anyone have a solution (aside from the obvious, “use the ScrapBook/don’t use ScrapBook, use Insert-Name-Of-Other-Picture-Hosting-Service-Here.”

7 Responses to iPhoto Clients

  1. kali921

    I’ve had difficulty with LJ Scrapbook since it was introduced – the UI is really, really poorly designed, like a beginning UI designer’s throwaway project.

    I’ve never found anything other than this solution for clients: LJ is now integrated with Photobucket, and the uploading client works really well for me. I know that some people have problems with Photobucket, but I’ve never experienced any problems with it in the four years that I’ve been using it.

    The other trick (which you doubtless already know) that seems to help with LJ Scrapbook is to just upload images to Scrapbook via URL. That saves me SO much hassle.

    But I’m sure someone more learned on your flist has an elegant workaround.

  2. davesbu

    Haven’t liked Scrapbook, don’t use it for anything, I’ve been sticking with flickr for at least two years now and it has an easy uploader for mac that works without a hitch.

    Alot of comics people use it like Warren Ellis, and Jason Aaron.

    See if it’s for you:

  3. mercuryeric

    Which client are you using? I typically just use the web interface itself — though I acknowledge it’s utter clunkiness — and haven’t used clients for much of anything in terms of updating my LJ or Scrapbook.


  4. admin

    There are two available via the LiveJournal “pick a client” function — one by FilmGold and another, the name of which I am blanking on. The FilmGold one worked for me in the previous iteration of iPhoto, but the thing hasn’t been updated in about a year, and I’ve seen no indication that they’re going to.

    I’ve been using the ScrapBook upload function, and it’s fine for what it is, but as I’ve moved more and more of my pictures into iPhoto, it’s added extra steps into the process of locating the file, editing the file, and uploading the file.

    My resistance to Photobucket and Flickr is ill-formed; maybe it’s just the need to create yet another account with another service, but I was hoping to just keep things vertical, rather than horizontal, if that makes sense.

  5. mercuryeric


    I shall … investigate …


  6. netizenron

    Well, I know it’s not the answer you want to hear, but more than likely because Leopard and iPhoto ’08 are very new releases, ScrapBook hasn’t updated it’s configuration to support any new protocol’s introduced.

    I’m currently not mac savvy, so I probably shouldn’t have answered at all, but being a programmer working with web software, new version support is usually the culprit when something breaks that previously was fine.

    I would suggest submitting a support ticket with either LJ or with Apple tech support.

    Good luck.

  7. kali921


    Idea! Open a support request with LJ asking this very question, and ask when they’ll be updating their clients. Pleasingly, they will often write you a very, very detailed reply, and even more pleasingly, they will often give you an advance tip, meaning a timeframe for when new functionality will be integrated into LJ. As in “expect ___ client to be functional by June 2008.”

    I have deep issues with Six Apart and LiveJournal’s management, but their tech support volunteers really, really do their best to help. Occasionally you get a dud, but often you get really smart tech volunteers replying. Also, do you know about all the LJ tech communities where users with hideously advanced programming skills (people like ) write scads and scads of how to do this or that on LJ?

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