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Interesting List

Over at the Counterterrorism Blog, Madeleine Gruen and Frank Hyland have been working on a series about the threat of terrorism in the United States. I’m linking to it not so much to be alarmist, but because it’s an interesting list (though my understanding of at least two of the incidents they site differs strongly from their assertions).

Regardless of the accuracy, I do think it’s worth remembering that, if the people doing the CT work around the globe are doing it well, we’ll never hear about it. The failures make the news; the successes far less so.

Final Crisis: Revelations #1 came out Wednesday, and Philip and I couldn’t be happier with it. From what I’ve heard, reaction has been pretty positive, which is always nice. I’m particularly happy for Philip, because he really worked his ass off on those pages, and I think it shows. Between him and Jonathan Glapion’s inks, I’m hard-pressed to think of another book I’ve worked on that has been this undeniably pretty.

So with that in mind,

21 Responses to Interesting List

  1. lithera

    Very, very pretty.

    Thank you for the link. Time to add another link to my Google Reader…

  2. thetathx1138

    I find it interesting that this article pretends this justifies any of the extraordinary measures taken by the Bush administration. I could just as easily assemble a similar list, pre-9/11. I also find it interesting that they offer few, if any, links or supporting sources.

  3. futuredirt

    You and Philip should certainly be proud of this one. I read it yesterday and I cannot wait till #2. The art is astounding and easily some of the best at DC right now. That kid’s got a future. :)

  4. parakkum

    July 4, 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian national who lived in Los Angeles, opened fire on the El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport, killing two and wounding four others. Hadayet was shot dead by one of the airport security personnel. Although investigators did not find a link between Hadayet and a terrorist group they did find that he had a history of strong anti-Israeli sentiments, and that his objective in the shooting was to influence foreign policy and to die as a martyr.

    Incidentally, my girlfriend and her family were in the LAX International Terminal when this happened. She heard it, but didn’t see it.

  5. parakkum

    You have just finished reading a list of plots and incidents. Whether that number was less than, equal to, or more than the number you would have estimated, perhaps you are able to think of other examples that were not included here. We hope that this presentation has caused you to reevaluate the notion that we have not been attacked since 9-11, and to consider our cause for concern that another terrorist attack on the homeland is highly likely.

    Notably, however, the increased emphasis on counterterrorism and the awareness of a threat from foreign groups appears to have depressed our normal run of home-grown, American terrorism. Although the single biggest terrorist attack on American soil gets an al Qaeda credit, the runner up was still carried out by a dysfunctional American boy. That said, the domestic terrorists and the “sympathetic” groups that some Americans have traditionally supported (e.g. the IRA) have been significantly quieter since we shifted into GWoT mode.

    Also, referring back to the LAX incident above, I think it’s highly disingenuous to point to it as an incident of “America being under attack.” One solo actor with a handgun going after the El Al ticketing booth is not significantly different from the guy who killed Bill Gwatney this week. Guys who snap are guys who snap, and whether they go after “Israelis,” “immigrants” at a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, or “that Democratic chair guy,” it’s mostly the same process going on in their head, and not an internationally coordinated attack on the US.

  6. parakkum

    Unrelated remark — Georgia’s Rustavi is not showing movies today, and actually has a news program on. They’ve had several unpleasant videos of Georgian journalists taking fire from Russian positions while screaming “journalist” in English the whole time.

  7. insektmute

    Interesting reading. They start reaching a bit towards the end, like with Naveed Afzal Haq. He might have cited foreign policy discontent as his reason, but it still boils down to some moron barging into a place with a gun.

    In any case, most of the listed occurrences were attempted by one or two people, many of whom had no involvement with an existing terrorist group. Like the misguided “War on Drugs” campaign, you can’t “kill” terrorism or terrorists and expect to reach some kind of conclusive end. It always boils down to individuals.

  8. parakkum

    Correction — those are Turkish journalists being shot at (and shot, unfortunately) while covering the conflict in Georgia.

  9. crisper

    >If the people doing the CT work around the globe are doing it well, we’ll never hear about it.

    My brother (US Navy) told me an absolutely jaw-dropping story about an operation his cruiser was involved with (and subsequently declassified enough that he could tell me). Someday when we get a chance to hang out, remind me to tell you it (it’s not something I feel is quite appropriate to document in public space.)

    For all the examples we hear about what a bunch of fuckups the DHS and border control and TSA and everyone else are, I’m able to maintain some shred of piece of mind because I have this rock-solid example that we’ve got at least a few Really Good People who Really Know Their Shit, quietly taking care of Business.

  10. lithera


    I have a few of those sorts of stories from my father that have stuck with me to this day.

  11. nealbailey

    I just like knowing that somewhere in the DC Universe there are characters with a lineage and a coherent series of events that I can trace, read, and enjoy, that people don’t much with, evolving from real, everyday people into the spectacular. That’s just rad.

    Montoya is also pretty much channeling Vic.

    Very much enjoyed. Not that I didn’t expect to, but still, worth saying.

  12. sora50

    The Spectre’s first act was creepy as hell and well deserved. Great job!

  13. davidwynne

    Gah! I have to wait another two weeks before I’ll be able to pick up my copy! I have it saved for me at the comic shop, but payday is still out of reach…

  14. indigi

    I loved the issue. Are we going to find out why God sent the Spectre after Libra if (since he’s presumably omniscient) he knew Libra couldn’t be killed?

  15. admin

    I look forward to that drink, sir.

  16. admin

    To an extent. Nowhere in the series does the Almighty appear, so a direct answer won’t be forthcoming. But I think it’s safe to say that the series is, for Cris, at least, one part the story of Jonah, one part Abraham and Isaac, with a twist.

  17. hdefined

    “I’m hard-pressed to think of another book I’ve worked on that has been this undeniably pretty.”

    Greg, I can appreciate hyperbole, but COME ON – you worked with Yoshitaka Amano!

  18. admin

    Not to split a hair, but that wasn’t a comic.

    And, uh…honestly? I didn’t much care for the art.

    I know. Heresy.

  19. gabbicus

    Great…great…great! Issue!!!

    We sold out day 1…which should surprise you because I ordered what I thought would be a HIGH number based on my final crisis numbers, then added your name to the equation, and then Montoya’s name… I should have had enough.


  20. hdefined

    You did say “another book,” not specifically a comic.

    I wasn’t thrilled with how the art and pictures meshed (or rather, how they often failed to mesh), but I don’t think I’ve seen anything from Amano that wasn’t gorgeous.

  21. admin

    Yeah, he pretty much drew whatever he wanted once I’d turned the manuscript in.

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