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Industrial Espionage – F1 Edition

The story about McLaren and Ferrari has been well-covered since it broke, but Mark Seal at the Wired blog has posted a fascinating and detailed story about the whole affair.

Great story fodder, if nothing else, and an excellent read.

7 Responses to Industrial Espionage – F1 Edition

  1. sd6

    Absolutely engrossing at every turn. Thanks for sharing; that one definitely gets bookmarked for fodder!

  2. kali921

    This one was so painful for me to read because I’m such a Formula One fangirl. The overall coverage of this has been pretty good, I must say. Thanks for the link!

  3. slb44

    Thanks so much for sharing this. As a household of Formula 1 fans it was extremely enlightening and very enjoyable. We haven’t laughed this hard, for this long, in quite some time.

  4. boorman

    the lesson here seems to be: if you are engaging in highly illegal industrial espionage….

    maybe don’t use the local Kinko’s for your copying needs.

  5. cowboyx

    I read that last week. It was such an odd conspiracy, but a great read.

  6. lithera


    That’s a hell of a thing.

    So many odd decisions by the people involved.

  7. nhartz78

    Very cool article Greg. It is amazing how such large corporations can be put into horrible situations by the actions of one or two members of their staff. Actually, since everything has gone so technology based, people can exchange information and secrets faster than ever before. It will be F1 racing today and some other organization tomorrow. Money can really be the root of all evil.

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