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In 06-05-08 New York Times Crossword Puzzle

“____ Montoya, DC Comics heroine known as the Question.”


That’s cool.

Edited to add:

From the JimH Crossword Blog, 61 across.

28 Responses to In 06-05-08 New York Times Crossword Puzzle

  1. shanejayell

    Nice to see them acknowleding her.


    *is in canada*

  2. dedagda

    Yay comics! One of our Dallas comic fiends/friends moved to NY last year to be an editor for the NYT. We are everywhere!

  3. lithera


    Heh. I miss Vic but I totally love Montoya as Q.

  4. admin

    Can’t manage the link, I’m afraid; you need to be registered at the NYT site. You’d look for the Thursday puzzle.

  5. nealbailey


  6. thecomicman


  7. nealbailey

    Here all week. Prepare to die.

  8. gabbicus


  9. odessasteps

    there was a Dr. Who reference the other day. Now, a Question reference. excellent.

  10. hdefined


  11. nealbailey

    Joking aside, that is damned cool.

  12. futuredirt


  13. jjgalahad

    “Kick-___ ;e.g. getting your character’s name mentioned in a New York Times Crossword Puzzle.”

  14. steverolston

    Fuck, that’s pretty awesome.

  15. signifier


  16. resolute

    Oh, word! That is really cool. Congratulations!

  17. shanejayell

    The crossword? *lol* Neat!

  18. kozemp

    Er, yes, mentioning in the main body that this is from the NYT Crossword is, I feel, rather key information.

    The shame of a thousand generations of traitors upon you for neglecting it. A THOUSAND GENERATIONS!

  19. admin

    Changed the header — is that better?

  20. raimisj

    Talk about the big time! Though I might have preferred “____Montoya, DC Comics heroine and Batwoman’s on-again-off-again lover.”

  21. kozemp

    In light of these changes, the penalty will be reduced to four hundred generations.

  22. yellowseptember

    That’s awesome. :)

  23. rattsu

    Just wanted to say that while I loved the old Question, I have an equal love for the new one as well. And being mentioned in a crossword is just damn cool!

    Of course this comment has nothing to do with me just finishing Crime Bible… or, well, actually it does. I just wanted to tell you that I throughly enjoy your writing. It’s like I told a friend of mine… Greg Rucka is like Grant Morrison, except instead of having weird outlandish over the top ideas, he has weird down to earth ideas. I love the fact that your stories makes me think, and unlike many stories of today I can’t really predict them.

    This makes me happy. Keep up the good work!

  24. kali921

    This is *it,* man.


    This is it.

    You have now officially hit the BIG TIME.


    I’m so happy for you. *weeps like a proud fangirl*

  25. kali921

    Drive by X Japan comment.

    Randomly, since you’ve still got that awesome hide icon, I did in fact manage to see footage of the X Japan reunion at the hide Memorial Summit thing! (I kept cracking up at how much the camera was ignoring Sugizo, like he wasn’t really there. Poor Sugizo. All that power posing and leather and lace, all for NAUGHT.)

  26. tigernach

    I have to admit I think of you when I listen to NPR, and Renee Monaine goes over news reports.

  27. kali921

    PS – Greg, I don’t know if you saw this…

    Greg, I don’t know if you saw this when it was posted over on S_D, but I reposted it on my journal. Scroll down to the middle of the entry for the Grant Morrison sitcom idea with guest star Greg Rucka.

    God, that made me laugh to the point of hysteria. Twice! :-)

  28. edkaye


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