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Image Heavy

So, after much frustration, I think I may have figured out how to use Scrapbook.

To celebrate this fact, and since I’m about to knock off for the night, and since much of the day was spent on both Checkmate and The Crime Bible: The Five Books of Blood, I thought that maybe I’d share some sketches and the like.

This first is a Tom Mandrake design sketch of The Question.

And this is a Jesus Saiz page from Issue 2, “The Lesson of Lust.”

And over on the Checkmate front, this is a sketch by Chris Samnee.

I may post more of these type things here later. And before people go flying off the handle about anything, please remember the difference between a sketch and finished art, and the difference between loose pencils and final inks.

23 Responses to Image Heavy

  1. sketchjournal

    I love that Mandrake Question!

  2. jjgalahad

    Very cool! Especially love the Fire sketch.

  3. electricvinyl

    Wow! Great pictures. I really love the Mandrake one. I still have a hard time calling Renee the Question though. I hope Crime Bible fixes that. Also congrats on the 2nd printing of Patriot Acts Greg!

  4. papervolcano

    They look awesome – Fire looks fantastic, and I love that page – it looks wonderfully dynamic. Can’t wait to see the finished article.

  5. brother_d73

    I am really enjoying the Mandrake rendering of The Question . . . ! I’ve already excitedly placed the Crime Bible mini on my pull list, and that pic just makes it much more difficult to be patient and wait for it to hit the shelf!

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. Rucka!

  6. alryssa

    Many thanks for sharing! I can’t however help but mentally put Mandrake’s interpretation of the Question in an episode of Deadwood

  7. uzumerid

    Ah, so it IS Jesus Saiz! I was wondering who this mysterious “Jose Saiz” DC were soliciting a book for was. Oh well, I guess it’s the same language of origin?

  8. kali921

    LJ scrapbook: how NOT to be part of Web 2.0.

    Oh JESUS, LJ scrapbook. It’s like a step-by-step instructional manual of how NOT to design the UI for anything that aspires to being Web 2.0. It took me a full month to use it, and I still never bother to, since Photobucket is SO much easier. Oh, LJ. If you’re going to offer us shiny new features? Maybe don’t be so PASSIVE AGRESSIVE about it.

    Lovely art! I love the Beatriz sketch, and Renee looks great. Looks like she’s gotten rid of the eightiestastic thing she had going on over in Countdown. You know, the eighties high-waisted pants that no woman would be caught DEAD in, unless it’s a model forced to wear something from the new Alexander McQueen Fall Collection at gunpoint.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Note to male artists trying to draw women, even lesbians that state they don’t care about fashion: French and Italian Vogue, Allure, Paper, French Harper’s Bazaar, and are your FRIENDs. Spread the gospel!

  9. galaxybeyond

    Gah! Renee!Question in glorious Mandrake art. Color me freaking stoked!

    Oh October, when will you arrive?

  10. davesbu

    cannot wait for the Crime Bible, and I’ve been digging in the bins for the original Question run by O’Neil and Cowan.

  11. shanejayell

    Looks good!


  12. benchilada

    Mandrake needs to be used for more things.
    Just with lighter inks than he usually seems to get…

  13. speakerwiggin

    1. New here, and though I doubt you’ll remember as Comic-Con was HUGE, I must still thank you for schooling me on how to put the batteries in my Sonic Screwdriver.

    2. Love all the designs, especially Renee – she’s one of my favs.


  14. doop

    Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    Hey, this is sort’ve unrelated (though it deals with Renee). I know Half a Life is pretty old, but I wanted to get your thoughts on this.

    Now, I haa no problems with Renee Montoya being gay, but I didn’t really like seeing her friendship with Two-Face be destroyed. I know you’re the one who created their relationship, and indeed Two-Face’s actions were done out of love so he wasn’t really acting out-of-character, but it just left me feeling depressed (though I guess you could say that was your intent, as HaL wasn’t meant to be a happy story).

    When I got the NML trades, their friendship was one of the more interesting subplots. It was nice to see more of Two-Face’s redeeming qualities, and I think you helped make him a complex, sympathetic character. It also introduced me to Renee, who I didn’t really know about beforehand. And then you had that follow-up story where he had Bruce deliver her flowers. Then, we have HaL where destroys her life (again, not doing it with malicious intent, but because he cares for her in his own way).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is it was a good story, but I didnt really like the more negative direction their relationship went in.

    A couple of questions
    1)Do you think its possible that Renee could ever forgive him? Do you plan on doing any stories in the future with Question!Renee and Two-Face?

    2) You mentioned in the foreword in the tpb that you had planned this from the start. How much was planned? When you had them become friends in NML were you planning on having him out her later and try wrecking her life?

    3)In later issues, none of her family visited Renee when she was in the hospital. Now, didn’t Benny know she was gay since they were teens? In previous stories they seemed to be really close. Now, I can see why her parents would disown her, being religiously closeminded (though her father does try rebuilding their relationship later on), but since Benny already knew why was he giving her the cold shoulder? Is he angry at her because she came out to their parents (even though she was outed to them beforehand)? Did their parents tell him to stay away from her?


  15. doop

    Re: Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    Now, I haa no problems with Renee Montoya being gay, but I didn’t really like seeing her friendship with Two-Face be destroyed.

    Should be “have.” :o

  16. admin

    Hell, I’d read that.

  17. admin

    Now I’m wondering when they’ll be releasing a laser screwdriver.

  18. admin

    Re: Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    1) Would she forgive him? Pre-52, not a chance in Hell. Now? It’s far more likely.
    2) What you refer to as “wrecking her life,” I call the law of averages. Eventually, the coin was going to turn on her, and when that happened, things would go bad, because any person who relies on the flip of a coin as their moral compass is going to be trouble. But as for how much was planned, pretty much all of it — the details were open, but I always knew the movement of the story.
    3) I’m not sure which story you’re referring to, here, but it’s early and the coffee hasn’t hit, yet, so it may come to me. Benny’s still around, and — at least while Renee was still living in Gotham — he and Renee did see each other on occasion. But Benny was never comfortable with Renee being queer (something I think that comes across in Half a Life), and once she was living “out,” combined with the familial stress, such visits were infrequent. Frankly, and I’m tipping my hand, here, Benny has more of a problem with Renee’s “choice” than her father does, at this point. But now I’m talking about stories that have yet to be published or even written, just planned.

    The Renee/Two-Face story is not, in my mind, over, by any stretch of the imagination.
    Thanks for the questions.

  19. speakerwiggin

    When indeed. :)

    Now to just find Sarah Jane’s Sonic Lipstick for the wife. (Who am I kidding, she’d beat me up, take my screwdriver, and leave me with the broken-in-two lipstick.)

  20. doop

    Re: Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    Thanks for responding. :)

    Concerning Benny; he found out Renee was gay in their teens (as established in Half a Life), and in No Man’s Land (the story where she met Two-Face, the story where Two-Face took her family hostage, and the scene at the GCPD’s Christmas dinner where she got promoted and he congratulated her) the two seemed to be really close. Since he already knew she was gay during this time, and there didn’t seem to be any strain on their relationship, I assumed that he was ok with it (as opposed to her parents, whose immediate reaction to finding out was to disown her).

    I remember the argument he had with her in Half a Life, though I thought it was more about him worrying how her being out would affect their parents, and less on his own problems with her sexuality.

    I’m not doubting what you’re saying, but that was the impression I originally got from those stories.
    Also, are you ok now with Renee’s appearances in Countdown, since after #40 she was in her normal Question attire (the hat and all)?

    Mike Carlin said to Newsarama, when asked about the appearance of Renee and Batwoman, “Honestly, their activities in COUNTDOWN are kept to a minimum because we don’t want to get anything wrong for the writers of these characters… But we did feel it was important to remind folks that these characters were still out there.”

  21. admin

    Re: Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    Since he already knew she was gay during this time, and there didn’t seem to be any strain on their relationship, I assumed that he was ok with it (as opposed to her parents, whose immediate reaction to finding out was to disown her).

    One of the things Michael Lark and I tried to do in Half a Life was touch on the varying reactions to someone coming out. With Benny, the idea was that he absolutely loves his sister — she’s his sister, after all — and he’s “fine” with her being gay, just as long as she doesn’t make a “thing” out of it. That feeling of, well, y’know, you can do whatever you want, and all, I just don’t want to see it. Michael and I were working very hard to keep reactions as honest as possible, and Benny’s was one that I’d had several people tell me they’d experienced.

    As for the Countdown appearances, they’re not what I would’ve written, no, but then again, the characters aren’t mine, either. Like 52, Countdown is running on an extraordinarily tight deadline, and the opportunity to put scripts in front of people who aren’t directly involved in the process is practically impossible.

    Renee is the lead in Crime Bible, and Kate appears in #3, so I was able to reconcile the Countdown appearance there and I think it works; their relationship is a fairly complex one, and there’s a lot going on between them — not the least of which being that Renee keeps disappearing on Kate. Like the relationship with Two-Face, it’s one I’m hoping I’ll get more opportunity to explore.

  22. doop

    Re: Half a Life, and Renee’s relationship with Two-Face

    Ok, thanks for clarifying Benny’s relationship with Renee; their scenes together in Half a Life make more sense to me now.

    And thanks again for responding to all my comments. :)

  23. citrinitas


    So, once more, I had decided against embarking on any grand trips tomorrow. I have schoolwork to read, dishes to wash, and it’s hot here. It’s hard to really muster enthusiasm about exploring the city when the busses are either way too hot or way too cold, and I’m generally lazy. Granted, I’ve been here for a while and have yet to locate a few things, but…work, school, laziness. It’s a vicious cycle.

    So it’s almost 9PM my time, and I’ve been spending the last few minutes of the online part of my day idly clicking through livejournal for…laughs, I guess? Killing time. And I find this journal, which surprises me since I had no idea so many comic book types had journals. (Not that I’d recognize the names of most of them, as before I moved I had a pull list of only two titles, and Checkmate’s one of them.)


    I think I’d be able to ignore this journal, if this top post didn’t have a cool looking Question, a reminder that you’re writing a mini (and while I’m hardly a fangirl, I missed your visit to Olympic Comics and Games despite Gabby telling me about it, I missed your visit to the Comicon, and I moved before your latest visit to Seattle,) and a pretty cool looking Fire.

    Geh. I haven’t found a comic book store yet. Looks like I’ll have something else to do tomorrow instead of responsible things.

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