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I like this one

Another sketch of the Question. This doesn’t actually appear in Crime Bible, but was done as an exercise.

To my shame, I can’t remember if this was done by Diego (who’s drawing issue 4), or Manuel Garcia (who’s drawing issue 5).

27 Responses to I like this one

  1. rubincomp

    Super-cool…I’m looking forward to more appearances of the new Question in the DCU. Also, the latest Checkmate–badass.

  2. kali921

    I love women in motion shots (hence my love of Mike Deodato’s Tigra, see every single blog post I did this freakin’ week), and I love her pursuit action stance in that! Although I love Renee’s long, curly hair, I like the shorter hair on her here, because as Helen Mirren once observed about playing Jane Tennyson, women in law enforcement often keep their hair shorter to avoid it being used as a possible weakness against them. Not in a “I’ll razor your hair to stubble, you dickhead” Delilah way, but because who wants their hair pulled in a knock down drag out street brawl?

    (Although holy La Perla, Batman…that’s a 38DDDD bust on her!)

    Lovely art, thanks for posting. When is Crime Bible out? I’m getting impatient. :-)

  3. admin

    Glad you liked the Checkmate! I’m pretty happy with how the story plays out — like most things in the series, not everything is how it appears at first.

  4. admin

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure the piece is by Manuel. I quite like the dynamism of it.

    Renee’s hair is still curly, if a little shorter; when she hits the gas and dons the mask, her hair darkens to black and straightens.

    See? Best of both worlds.

  5. kali921

    Further notes! On tonsillary issues, even!

    Renee’s hair is still curly, if a little shorter; when she hits the gas and dons the mask, her hair darkens to black and straightens.

    Now, you see, you do realized that tons of women, if they read that comment, would immediately want some of Renee’s Mighty Hair Morphing gas? Woment that wish they could change their hair color and texture for one night or a few days, to see what it feels like?

    Thank you for stating that Renee still has curly hair, because I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the last two decades in comics, and I’m betting that most men will be unaware of this as a larger meta trend.

    In the eighties and nineties, in mainstream comics, lots of women had curly hair, whether long or straight.

    Let’s take Siryn, for example. She had long and very curly (and gorgeous) red hair from her earliest appearances to the earliest days of X-Force right up through the late nineties (with exceptions, of course, dependent on the artist). But in the main title she appeared in, she mostly was depicted with curly hair (much to James Proudstar’s delight).

    Then, in the late nineties, and up to the present day, the fashion in the Western industrialized world, as seen at least reflected in various media and pop culture, not to mention celebrity grooming, became ultra straight hair, usually begotten with a flat iron. You can see the trend across racial demographics, too; white women, black women, Latino women, etc. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve seen women’s magazines do those “do” and “don’t” columns instructing women to tame those waves and curls and frizz by using various nefarious means to straighten their hair, whether blow drying or unguents or mystical rituals.

    Gwyneth Paltrow has been accused of, for example, looking sloppy when she lets her natural waves show.

    Siryn got straight hair starting round about ’97-’98, and she’s been drawn that way ever since, with the exception of her cameos in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, when Kordey gave her this horrible eightiestastic mullet thing.

    Now she has stick straight hair.

    And, you know, as a woman with long, ringleted hair, I feel disenfranchised, Greg. I FEEL DISEMPOWERED, cast aside, and ignored!

    On the one hand, this is a very interesting example of how larger culture filters into visual media by osmosis, of course.

    On the other, I have no curly haired goddesses to identify with. She-Hulk’s been the victim of the same “oh, waves are sloppy, let’s give her straight hair” phenomenon.

    So, you know, any encouragement you can put out there to the artists of the world to not forget about the curly haired women of the world would be appreciated. I’m all for encouraging diversity of visual depiction in female characters to better reflect the larger society, and dammit, that means that men need to learn to draw better hair in the industry.

  6. kali921

    PS – here’s another example!

    PS – here’s another example: Diana! What happened to those curls of the Perez era, man? :-(

  7. kali921

    New Checkmate this week made me happy, oh so happy.

  8. det_montoya

    Gotham Central

    Completely unrelated…

    Thank you. For Gotham Central. It spurred in me an interest in a detective I knew so little about. I was sad to see it end and reread it often.

  9. rubincomp

    It’s great, isn’t it? It’s not only one of the few DC titles to actually be GOOD and interesting when OYL hit, but it’s consistently one of the more interesting books to come out from either publisher. I’m glad to see Waller is oh-so-tough to take down…even though I really, really hate her, she’s probably one of the coolest characters around.

    There should be more fat badass ladies. I bet she could take the Kingpin in a fight/war. Yes.

  10. netizenron

    A female Question. hmmm.

    I was a big fan of O’Neill and Cowan’s The Question. It would have been one of my dream projects if I’d ever tried to get into writing comics.

    I guess I’ll have to pick it up and see what you’re doing with the character.

  11. kali921

    Why, that very Fisk vs. Waller fight has been proposed!

    Why, an interesting thread cropped up on my journal regarding Fisk vs. Waller months and months ago.

    I posted here asking my friends list to nominate their favorite Heavies (capitalized intentionally) in both fictional media and real life, and it turned into threads and threads of awesome, because my flist responded with some utterly stupendous suggestions, not to mention hysterically funny. Fisk vs. Waller came up RIGHT AWAY.

    An assortment of quotes was assembled here.

    (I also did a “Tell Me Your Favorite Pimp” post a few months ago, and Namor the Sub-Mariner tied with Benjamin Franklin at the end. Ah, the wonderous people we meet and aggregate with on LJ.)

  12. dubble

    You know, I havent read any DC in a while (just haven’t been able to keep up what with grad school), but I must say that I really like Montoya’s design and the new direction with the character. At the risk of sounding like a typical guy though – her boobs are kinda big there – almost as big as her whole freaking head. XD

    Nice drawing though.

  13. dewline

    *professional envy of linework*

  14. rubincomp

    Re: Why, that very Fisk vs. Waller fight has been proposed!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens at the end of the “Fall of the Wall” arc…but maybe she’ll be sucked into a wormhole and she’ll get into a shank-fight with Fisk in prison. Not enough shank-fights between fat people in comics.

  15. admin

    As was I. They were brilliant comics. Far more partial to the original issues they did than the Quarterlies, personally.

  16. admin

    They are, indeed, substantial. She is not so overly-endowed in the actual mini-series — thankfully, taking the mantle of the Question did not lead to an immediate bust-increase.

  17. admin

    Re: Gotham Central

    It’s entirely related, and thank you for the very kind words. Hopefully you’ll give the mini-series a try and see what you think of how, uh…”you’ve” changed.

    (Damn, that was a very odd sentence to write….)

  18. admin

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    I kinda like Diana with straight black Very Greek hair.

    (Which is not to say that all women of Greek extraction have straight hair, of course.)

    Though my daughter has a wall-hanging of the Bolland profile cover, and, damn, her hair there is spectacular.

  19. kali921

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    Diana is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like. True. :-)

    Is…the Bolland rendering available as a poster? Wow.
    Because it’s beuatiful. I search high and low for Wondy lithographs and posters, and I’ve never seen it as such.

    Did you look at all the art up on the Wonder Woman Day II site? WOW. I’m still reeling! I want to post (and bid) on ALL of it.

  20. det_montoya

    Re: Gotham Central

    *laughs* I’ll admit to a certain degree of reluctance. Renee in my mind will always be the hard boiled cop. I WILL give it a try though. I’ve never met a story of yours I didn’t like.

  21. admin

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    This is a “tapestry” like fabric wall-hanging that I bought via mail-order several years back. The Bolland piece in question ( was made into a poster at one point, and I know it’s available as a statue, as well (though I’m not a fan of the statue — it didn’t translate well into 3 dimensions).

    I offer you this time-honored advice in your search:

    Check eBay.


  22. admin

    Re: Gotham Central

    She’s still plenty hard-boiled, I promise you that. Thanks in advance for giving it a try — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  23. kali921

    But it won’t let me in! And, Father of the Year Award goes to…

    That link, she won’t let me past the gates!

    For having Wondy in your daughter’s bedroom, you win the Father of the Year award. My mom always had mounted posters of Wondy and other heroines around the house growing up, and there’s a powerful message there in showing young girls and teens images of powerful women that are joyous, you know?

    My mom had this poster up in the living room of Wondy posing with this life-affirming smile on her face for close to three decades, before she gave up her house. It hung next to our dining room table.

    eBay. Yessir.

  24. admin

    Re: Further notes! On tonsillary issues, even!

    To satisfy the curly hair demands.

    Here you go. From CB2.

  25. jensantarelli

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    Sorry, I had to disable direct linking because it was killing my bandwidth.

  26. admin

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    D’oh, my bad! I’ve deleted the comment with the link. My apologies.

  27. jensantarelli

    Re: PS – here’s another example!

    Oh, I didn’t mean that _you_ were killing my bandwidth! I disabled directly linking a long time ago because my bandwidth was being destroyed in general. (For instance, someone linked to some of the Wonder Woman pics from the Suicide Girls msgboards a few years ago and I _still_ get hits from it.)

    The pics are still up on the site though and they can be clicked on from this page:

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