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I Got Nothin’


17 Responses to I Got Nothin’

  1. anw

    Clive Owen doing noir is good! Frank Miller imposing himself on Chandler is bad. The phrase “Looks like Frank Miller may be too busy to get to that Batman vs. terrorism project” is excellent!

  2. dannyperkins

    I’m not familiar with the authors work. (I don’t read as much as a shoud)

    Should I track it down?

  3. kozemp

    The Frank Miller of twenty (or even ten) years ago doing Chandler would be a wonderful, beautiful thing.

    The Frank Miller of now doing Chandler… worries me somewhat.

  4. kozemp

    Interestingly enough, Batman vs. terrorists is something I would be somewhat interested in, just not as done by the current, absinthe-crazed Frank Miller.

  5. anw

    Sure, I could get behind Batman fighting terrorists, so long as the terrorists are Kobra.

  6. editor_lass


    On a more entertaining note…just read Checkmate 15.

    As usual, you are *mean* to your favorites. Mean!

    I like it. Never change. And write more Nightwing, por favor.

  7. dewline

    Kobra, SKULL, the 100/1000, Markovian Vampire Liberation Front…okay, that last one doesn’t exist, so far as I know. Yet.

  8. jjgalahad

    Most definitely, if you love a good mystery. Start with The Big Sleep or The Long Goodbye. Trouble Is My Business is a very good short story, if you’d like to try out something shorter to get a feel for Raymond Chandler.

  9. jjgalahad

    Not to slight present company but I’d be so much happier if it was Robert B. Parker doing the adaptation. Guy got handpicked to finish Poodle Springs after all. Miller’s got noir sensibilities, certainly, but I’m not too confident that he’ll capture the wit and general poetry of Chandler’s stuff.

    Has anybody heard anything more about the Marlowe TV Series they’re producing for ABC next season?

  10. admin

    But perhaps worth inventing.

  11. admin

    Seconded, though I would save The Long Goodbye for last — it is, in my opinion, Chandler’s masterpiece. He was always good, but I swear, it’s as if angels came from on-high and blessed him for Goodbye. It is, in my opinion, the PI novel by which all others must be measured.

    Not that I’m biased or anything.

  12. admin

    There used to be a time when I would get the issues before everyone else; now I get them a week after. I’m assuming, from your comment, it was as savage and gut-punching an issue as I’d hoped?

  13. admin

    It took me a second to realize what present company you were worried about slighting, and trust me, I’m with you–though the Parker of 25 years ago (seriously, you read Godwulf Manuscript it’s as if Parker is trying to write as Chandler) would be a better choice, I think.

    And a TV show? What’s this about a TV show???

  14. jjgalahad

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to hunt Godwulf Manuscript down. To be honest, I haven’t read much of Parker’s work lately, so I wouldn’t know. The Jesse Stone books sounded interesting and I was thinking I might give those a try. Any good?

    As for the Marlowe TV show – ABC’s apparently got a jones to put a bunch of PI/Mystery shows on the air next season, most of them a bit cheerfully askew. With Marlowe, however, I understand they’re trying to adapt Chandler’s short stories and novels faithfully into present-day LA (which makes me cringe, but at least they’re getting the approval of the Chandler estate). The official description’s as follows:

    MARLOWE (ABC) – The Alphabet’s 21st century take on Raymond Chandler’s noir detective has been ordered to pilot. Greg Pruss and Carol Wolper are behind the Touchstone Television-based hour, which they’ll write and executive produce alongside Daniel H. Blatt, Daniel Pipski and LivePlanet’s Sean Bailey. Chorion Limited, the rights-holder to the Chandler estate, will also receive a producing credit.

    Commitment: Ordered to pilot (previously script)
    Cast: TBA
    Writers: Carol Wolper, Greg Pruss
    Director: TBA
    Executive Producers: Carol Wolper, Daniel H. Blatt, Daniel Pipski, Greg Pruss, Sean Bailey (LivePlanet)
    Studio: Chorion Limited, Touchstone Television “

    Additionally, I’m also interested in a new show from the guy who brought us the terrific Wonderfalls called Pushing Daisies that’s a “Detective show/romance/fairy tale about a guy who can touch the dead and bring them back to life.”
    And they’re also making an American version of the British “2007 police detective trapped in the 1970′s” show Life On Mars?, which I’ve been curious about for some time now.

  15. jjgalahad

    Heh. The Long Goodbye is my favorite too. I tend to just get so gung-ho about Chandler that I recommend it as a knee-jerk reaction, even though it would most likely work best as a capper once you’ve read everything else of his.

    On a trivial side-note, I’m curious if you ever saw Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang? They used chapter titles for parts of the movie that were also titles of Raymond Chandler novels. Very fun movie.

  16. editor_lass

    Oh, and then some. How vicious of you, sir!

    I was about to make some comments here, but it started getting long and didn’t want anyone to be spoiled in your comment section. Some rambling on the issue over at my LJ.

  17. mercuryeric


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