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I Don’t Even Know What To Call This


12 Responses to I Don’t Even Know What To Call This

  1. dewline

    I’d call it Wrong.

  2. helmhammerhand

    Ack. I just really don’t know what to say after reading that.

  3. benchilada

    Faith in humanity takes another hit.

    Xposting to my LJ. Thanks, Mr. Greg, sir.

  4. oilyrags

    Sounds like rape and murder.

    Not very satisfying as labels go, I admit, but it’s hardly exotic, inconceivable evil. It’s the same evil that happens everyday.

  5. admin

    My notice of it is not due to the arbitrariness, vileness, or even commonness of the occurrence, but rather to the bitter, bitter irony of its context, which I felt note-worthy.

  6. kali921

    So horribly sad. I feel so badly for her family.

  7. the_bumper_car

    It’s sad to know there are still places in the world where it is unsafe for women to travel on their own. Or even men, for that matter.

  8. dungeon_grrrl

    Everywhere is a place it can be unsafe to travel by yourself.

    That doesn’t make this any less sad, or any less ironic.

    But evil is everywhere. I only hope her spirit finds the attention her death brings to the cause she supported puts her at ease.

  9. benchilada

    Mr Greg, sir, you should see what they’re saying over on my LJ about this story.

    Or perhaps you’d rather not.

  10. admin

    Yeah, y’know what? I think I’ll pass. My rage is better focused elsewhere right now.

  11. benchilada

    Man, I shoulda thought of that before I actually posted about it.

    To balance tomorrow morning, I’ll post a stick-figure comic I made about moustache rides.


  12. gabbicus


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