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I Can’t Feel My Hands

Been nothing but busy. Too much to do, not enough time, blah-blah-blah, but hey, soon announcements will come and wrath will follow, and all will be right once more in the world. Galley pages for Walking Dead are almost completed, next come the ARCs, and then, I am told, April 28th sees the birth of a bouncing baby novel. Mark your calendars. Or don’t. They’re your calendars, after all.

It’s freezing, literally, here in Portland today. Hovering in the mid-20s, and for those of you that scorn, I would simply remind you that this kind of thing is, ahem, unusual in our neck of the woods. The weather has forced Portland into a semi-carbonite freeze, ie, the schools have closed, so both kids home, which is really conducive to getting work done, let me tell you. We spent the weekend in LA, visiting Andrew and Xtie along with my brother, Nick. Snuck in an hour to meet up with Geoff to discuss upcoming plots, events, stories, and like entertainments. The heart of the trip was the DeFilippis-Weir tree-trimming where our children assisted in the decorating, a first for them, and a treat, what with our lack of treenesses. All sorts of drama getting back due to weather, only to discover we could’ve stayed an extra day and no harm done.


Less ironic, my birthday present from my bride arrived a few days ago. One of these, made by the fine folks at Darkwood Armory, with a companion three quillon dagger.

Now I just need someone to fence with. Gombach, if you’re reading this, that’s me calling you out!

18 Responses to I Can’t Feel My Hands

  1. lithera

    It has been hard too long since I’ve fenced.

  2. jennawaterford

    That’s no way to start a fight! You’re *supposed* to slap Gombach with your glove, or at least insult the way s/he ties her/his cravat.

  3. dewline

    I saw the footage from Victoria on tonight’s news. A bit of a shock. So was the rain here in Ottawa in its way, regardless of the fact that we knew it was coming.

  4. jrwells

    I am more excited now for the “Superman” titles than I have been in quite a long time. I look forward to seeing you on “Action Comics”, as well as the long term story Geoff has for the characters. I went back and started reading his stuff from when he began writing “Superman” with Last Son, and you can see that he was laying groundwork for the current New Krypton story.

  5. kali921

    You think you guys up in Portland are wusses? It hit thirty seven degrees here last night and people were practically shrieking in the streets in panic. There was even hand wringing on the news!

    You know how San Franciscans are. If it dips below fifty two (HAHA, unintentional pun!), it’s cause for city wide panic.

    Greg, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but you were one of the first people that I thought of.

    Gorgeous birthday presents! So, knife fight after school? Meet me behind the cafeteria dumpster!

  6. admin

    Hey, you do it your way, I’ll do it mine.

    He and I have a tradition of “to the pain” anyway. :)

  7. admin

    Re: Geoff…

    …you have NO idea. He and James have been working on this stuff for YEARS.

  8. admin

    It is a credit to our shared geekdom that an invitation to meet you behind the Dumpster after school is for a knife fight, and not any other sort of foolin’ around.

    Hadn’t seen the Elektra news; glad she’s back!

  9. kali921

    Ah, the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd. “Sai fight! Sai fight!”

    I’m not sure yet that I’m thrilled that Elektra’s back – it depends on how she’s handled (as I noted in the post). But one thing I’m sure that most of Marvel fandom, whether creators or readers, can agree on? Matt will find some way to go on a guilt bender about this (“She’s alive! IT’S ALL MY FAULT!”) the likes of which the multiverse has never, ever seen.

  10. kali921

    Aaaah, now I see the reason that you stealthily uploaded a Clark icon!

  11. ninja_turbo

    The folks at do great work, and they’re delightful folk. My Darkwood blade has served me very well.

    Enjoy the blades.

  12. jonlaw

    Going to mark MY calendar!

    Stay warm.

  13. mercuryeric

    Matt Murdock: Two-fisted Emo Lawyer.

  14. darkphoenixrisn

    The weather’s about the same up here in Seattle. I opened the front door for 30 seconds this morning and felt chilled to the bone.

  15. kali921

    If there’s a Supreme Court of emo, Peter Parker, Matt Murdock, and Scott Summers* are going to the mat for the position of Chief Justice. No one in DC even comes close!

    * There ain’t no manpain like Summers manpain.

  16. alexg119

    I have been called out

    Aye sir, if I have been called out, I accept! I shall grant thee satisfaction. In the words of beloved Chorus “Do’t England!”

  17. admin

    Re: I have been called out

    Lay on, MacDuff! And damn’d be he that first cries “hold! enough!”

    I’m gonna be in New York in early February, and if we do not get together and drink whiskey, I shall be much put-out, sirrah.

  18. alexg119

    Re: I have been called out

    I shall be there, cross gartered no less…

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