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I Call Bullshit


9 Responses to I Call Bullshit

  1. kali921

    Oh, what a crock of absolute bullshit. I read enough sites that document human trafficking to know that the wealthier Arab countries are significant destinations for human trafficking, particularly for laborers of all genders and ages brought in from India, Bangladesh, etc. That just infuriates me. I guess it’s time for me to send you another link roundup with all the human trafficking sites and reports I read, huh?

    Don’t get me started on the Japanese and how the Yakuza bring in women from other Asian countries to work as slaves, along with, believe it or not, a few thousand women from Mexico.

  2. oilyrags

    > ”No UAE national has been involved in any kind of human trafficking case till date, which proves that our country is free from such illegal practice”.

    Not so clear on logic, either.

  3. admin

    Bastards all.

  4. admin


    We’ve never prosecuted anyone for holding a slave, therefore slavery does not exist.

    I prefer this kind of circular logic, myself.

  5. kali921

    Honestly, how can people look at themselves in the mirror at night, knowing that they continually brutalize and oppress other human beings (and almost always the most vulnerable and resource-starved populations of other human beings) by keeping them against their will and forcing them into labor and/or prostitution and/or things much worse? How much of your compassion and soul do you have to continually sacrifice to do that? Urge to smite rising.

    Where’s Frank Castle when we need him?

    (Seriously, I’m against the death penalty 99.9999% of the time, but for certain things, I would not be adverse if Frank were to materialize in the real world one day and just take out a huge swathe of these people.)

  6. insektmute

    This is right up there with Turkey’s continuous efforts to marginalize and deny the Armenian Genocide.

    Ugh. Enough people buy into this kind of jingoistic crap that a reasonable or logical explanation isn’t even necessary anymore.

    btw, good meeting you last night! Hope the rest of the Q&A went well.

  7. thetathx1138

    Sure, right, uh-huh, just like there’s no cocaine in Columbia. Yeesh, maybe instead of covering it up they could try doing something about it.

  8. parakkum

    Even in terms of what is officially known and proven or currently being handled in UAE courts of law, Khamis Matar Al Mazina is skirting the edges of the issue by claiming that no UAE nationals have been involved, and that there’s no organized trafficking. There were 22 sex trafficking convictions in the UAE in 2005 and a couple is currently on trial for human trafficking in Dubai. Although the couple are not UAE nationals, the government of the UAE thinks they’re trafficking people, which is enough to put the official line as given by the Major General to the lie.

    And, from 2004: During the year, the government convicted at least 12 persons, including at least 7 foreigners, of offenses related to trafficking in and exploiting women and sentenced them to prison terms of between 2 and 5 years (and in one case 90 lashes) and deportation. So they weren’t all foreigners, eh?

  9. fordmadoxfraud

    Why would he lie?

    Come on dude, next thing you’ll be telling me there’s homos in Iran. Pull the other one.

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