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I am Extraordinarily Delayed

It’s now 01:26 in the morning. I’m still at Gate D25 at McCarren Airport in Las Vegas.

The plane that is suppose to take me and Matthew Clark back to Portland hasn’t left the ground yet. If Alaska Airlines is to be believed – and right now their credibility is, shall we say, lacking – our 9:25pm fight will depart at 4:00am.

My not upset state is rapidly eroding.

14 Responses to I am Extraordinarily Delayed

  1. sweetdragon

    Lie back and think “What would the Spectre do?” Good creative exercise. ;)

  2. jmorse

    I’m guessing the crew that was scheduled to take you to Portland is now out of duty time and they’re positioning another crew to take their place. If the plane is there and not in maintenance that’s probably the deal. If this is the case then 4am sounds reasonable to me. We typically allow 2 hours for a crew call-out.

    If you’re serious about chartering a jet I can look into something based near Vegas for you. A light jet would probably be in the 10 to 12k range for the trip.

  3. admin

    Yeah, that’s what I figured was going to happen when I arrived at the airport at seven and they told me we were delayed until 11:30. When they further pushed-back to 1:30, I knew it was crew; they had to put a new flight crew on in Portland, apparently, and that delayed departure.

    At 10K to 12K, much as I’d love to fly private, I just don’t have that kind of scratch, but I appreciate the offer. It’s one of those things I’d love to do one day – everyone I know who’s flown private raves about the convenience and ease.

  4. jmorse

    People that can afford to do it rate it as one of the best perks you can get. Nothing like being able to roll up to the plane in your car, hand your keys to a guy and zoom off to the other side of the world in luxury.

    Southwest just isn’t the same after that.

    Sorry to hear you guys are stuck. That’s no fun at all.

    Worst case there is a Southwest flight leaving at 8:05am that goes non-stop to PDX. Flight # 2380. Biz class seats are $249 each.

  5. jeditigger

    Suckage, Greg. Serious, serious suckage. That’s a delay of a length that should include free drinks and an invitation to beat the hell out of some nondescript decommissioned plane.

  6. tigernach

    with much luck you’ll be landing in portland shortly after I’ve read this, but im sorry for the lame ass delay.

  7. stealthbunny

    The only thing I can imagine worse would be being stuck ON the plane that long. Not being able to get up and move around, and folkses like us who are tall? Not a good combination.

    Hmmm… although you probably don’t want to hear about things that could be worse at this point, huh? I’ll.. um… stop now.

  8. dewline

    Don’t taunt me. Please. Granted, my last 7-8 layover at Pearson in Toronto was a scheduled one(and compared to this torture now being endured by Greg and company, not as painful)…

  9. jared465

    Air travel really is getting worse as belt tightening is beginning (and really for some time now) to cut off the circulation of the major airlines. I’ve never flown Alaska (me being east coast and all) but i have sworn off US Airways due to there being terrible problems nearly every time i fly them.

    Here’s hoping you’re home by now!

  10. jared465

    I’ve been to (not flown though, unfortuntely)a couple of small private airports here on the east and the first time I saw a family get out of the car (at the door of course) walk thru the building and on to the awaiting jet without even a pause in their pace, i was like damn man, thats the way to travel.

    They didn’t even have to stop at the counter. A simple nod from the father was all that was neccessary.

  11. jeditigger

    Lucky. I live in Charlotte, one of USAir’s hubs, and over 80 percent of our flights are USelessAir’s.

  12. mercuryeric

    …dear God. You could WALK home faster.

    Sorry, man.


  13. lithera


    I almost might have been able to drive there in that amount of time…

  14. jared465

    Yeah! I spent the night at that airport just this last March thanks to US Airways! I landed there on a Friday about 4pm and thanks to their FUBAR-ness they said they wouldn’t be able to put me on a flight home until Sunday evening – they said they couldn’t find any available flights (with no possible hotel reimbursment, of course). I ended booking my own flight home thru Jet blue and go home in the morning (thank god for laptops and wifi at the airport!)

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