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17 Responses to *hic*

  1. doubleare

    *raises a glass*

    It’s a good night to be an American.

  2. snoristed

    I can finally look my non U.S. friends in the eyes again. Finally, I will no longer have to cringe (then turn off the sound and read the speech later) when my president speaks. Finally. Ahhhhh.

  3. sd6

    Amen, brother. Looking at Orion tonight in the midst of all this, I finally had hope for something more than a national legacy of bankruptcy and breakdown.

    Our man could be in office until our sons are nearly old enough to vote, sir, and that was a heavy thing to me tonight. I imagine it’s probably passed through your head once or twice as well…

  4. lankyguy

    It’s a wonderful thing.

  5. lithera


    There are people cheering in the streets here. I was just out there jumping and yelling and being happy with them all.

  6. cwweir

    Wish we were there celebrating with you!

  7. jjgalahad

    I, too, am totally fucking loaded with joy. And booze! Woo!

    Three cheers for America being awesome!

  8. dewline

    As reasons for such an act go, there are far worse. Glad none of them happened!

    *high-fives Greg*

  9. hdefined

    I just can’t believe that we won’t just be getting comprehensible, well articulated speeches for the next four years – we’ll be getting some of the most masterful oratory work since…since…?

    I mean, his victory speech nearly moved me to tears.

  10. jeditigger

    When David Gregory mentioned shattering the last color line, I burst into tears.

    Oh, and yeah, Greg, I did drink last night. And raised one to you. ;)

  11. jonlaw

    Now, down to work. Transition is going to be interesting to observe. Who is going to be really running things? Some areas of the bureaucracy need a heavy hand, others a light touch, and some really need some staffing up. We need an injection of pragmatists and technocrats who can deal with the issues and not push politics. I am cautiously hopeful.

  12. jmorse

    I couldn’t be more pleased.

  13. aylara


  14. oilyrags

    What’s happenin’ CC? They still call it the White House but that’s a temporary condition too, can you dig it CC?

  15. nadefilippis

    I have such mixed feelings this morning.

    Last night I was giddy and dancing, and there’s a part of me that’s still beaming about this.

    But my state added hate to its Constitution last night, so, I’m also feeling huge letdown.

    Too much to say on this to really go into it here, but I go into at length on our website.

    Never been so torn between a downtrodden sigh and a heartfelt ‘yahoo’ before.

    For sanity’s sake, I’m sticking with the ‘yahoo.’

  16. gwalla


    (Like nadefilippis, though, my celebratory mood is tempered by the passage of Proposition 8. That’s gonna be hell to fix. California voted to treat farm animals better, but not gay people.)

    (I also wanted a shiny new bullet train. But such is life.)

    (I like parentheses.)

  17. cwweir

    I really wanted the shiny new train, too… I hadn’t realized that didn’t pass. I thought it was winning last night.

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