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Hellboy: Odd Jobs

Hellboy: Odd Jobs Cover

Hellboy: Odd Jobs Cover

An Illustrated Anthology of Prose Short Stories, edited by Christopher Golden. In 1994, Mike Mignola created one of the most unique and visually arresting comics series ever to see print: HELLBOY.

Enjoy the world of Hellboy as seen through the eyes of some of today’s best horror writers: Gahan Wilson, Yvonne Navarro, Stephen R. Bissette, Philip Nutman, Greg Rucka, Nancy Holder, Craig Shaw Gardner, Nancy A. Collins, Rick Hautala & Jim Connolly, Chet Williamson, Max Allan Collins, Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola, Matthew J. Costello, Poppy Z. Brite, and Brian Hodge.

Dark Horse trade paperback January 2000 ISBN 1569714401