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I told nealbailey to give it a week.

Two days left.

Edited to add:

Just keeps getting better and better.

13 Responses to …heh…

  1. jeditigger

    Honestly, what WERE they thinking? Other than, “Hey, maybe if we get a chick, those disgruntled Hillary voters will come over and some young dumb guys will think she’s hot.” Because if all they wanted was a woman, weren’t there actually QUALIFIED women available?

  2. dewline

    There are. Just not “ideologically correct” or “theologically correct” to a sufficient degree for certain factions, apparently.

  3. sora50

    At this point, Paris Hilton looks qualified.

  4. lithera

    The more I learn about her the more I intensely dislike her and her policies.

    And can I say the fact that they wre chanting “Drill, baby drill.” at the RNC this evening makes me ill?

  5. slick_nyc

    I know I shouldn’t, but I am going to sit back and enjoy it when this really starts to fall apart for the McCain campaign.

  6. nealbailey

    You know what it is, ultimately? After eight years of having my hopes dashed, my brain just can’t wrap itself around the fact thay dayum, man… things seem to be… going right? What. the. hell?

  7. jonlaw

    Well, its no surprise that Governor Palin is not going to appeal much across party lines. What she showed at the convention last night, however, was that she energizes the Republican base. Not only does McCaine have to pull in the independents, Reagan Democrats, etc., but he also has to turn out the base which, in many quarters were not much more than tepid on him.

    Sarah Palin makes them excited, and, they even get to claim to be progressive because they are supporting a woman (a gun toting, anti-choice, don’t worrry just pull yourself up by your bootstraps even if you don’t have boots woman, but a woman nonetheless).

    So, as much as we might like to think that McCaine has made a blunder, that the ticket is going to sink, and the Democrats can count on the outcome in November, I would not think that.

    I would work twice as hard for the Democratic outcome, because I know my “I don’t belong to any organized policitcal party” has a knack of seizing defeat from the jaws of victory, and just jeering the Republicans from the sidelines isn’t going to do it.

    We can talk down Sarah Palin all we want, but I think she not only lasts out the week, but does help the Republicans on the ticket and in the news cycle. Who is the talk of every outlet and newspaper.

    There is no bad publicity, really, until it gets really bad, and we are far from there yet on Palin.

    So, if you love your country and want a government that you can fear just a bit less, get out there and (to invoke Michael Phelps) swim all the way to the wall! If you are not exhausted at the end of the race, then you didn’t really try.

  8. admin

    It’s well-taken. Given the stunning success(es) of the last two presidential election for the Dems, resting on anything resembling a laurel would be a capital mistake.

    The mainstream media response to the speech has been, in my opinion, predictable; the desperate search for a story instead of the analysis of position, content, and issues continues.

    Or to put it another way, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    But we all knew that already, right? Right?

  9. morchades

    That woman is giving me nightmares. Can you imagine an America run by suchg a person?

  10. jared465

    I’ve tried to be a responsible citizen and at least watch and listen to some of the GOP convention but man, it is just to difficult for me to do. There has been just to many things that have been said and done that just turn my stomach.

    Up until some months ago, i though McCain would run a more honorable campaign, bringing the GOP in tow, but i think he is unfortunetly just a pale shadow of his former self.

    I remember when it was either going to be Obama, Clinton, or McCain, i said to my girlfriend,”y’know at this point whoever we get will be a step up from our current situation” Now, that is sadly not the case.

  11. dewline

    Well, she already threw…something that isn’t a hat…into the ring with that “Funny Or Die” video.

  12. lunatic96

    I remember when it was either going to be Obama, Clinton, or McCain, i said to my girlfriend,”y’know at this point whoever we get will be a step up from our current situation” Now, that is sadly not the case.

    That’s was basically my thinking 4 months ago, and after watching McCain flail about for the last 4 months I no longer think that, and it’s really disappointing.

  13. will_eslinger

    I’m sure I’m going to get butchered for saying this… but I like Palin.

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