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Have You Tried Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow?


14 Responses to Have You Tried Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow?

  1. dewline


    Got the word from a few minutes ago myself. Not the first time this has happened, won’t be the last either. Still annoys me too, more than a little.

    Now we wonder who’s Eleven, even as we vent about this, I suppose?

  2. netizenron

    Re: Yeah.

    Well there were rumors that Tennant would be would leave after series 4 and possibly do a special or two before series 4 started, I guess this confirms it. Other rumors at the time was that Ricky Gervais would take his spot. With his recent surge in his movie collateral, I’m not sure that will happen.

  3. nealbailey

    I’m just downlo- er, buying legal copies of the first season right now. A reader insisted. I take it he’s your fave?

  4. thebitterguy

    Re: Yeah.

    Oh, man, that’s rich. Ricky Gervais. Oh, man. Maybe they should do another Curse of the Fatal Death.

  5. bluebeetlev3

    Dinger, I was really looking forward to more of Tennant when Moffat took over in 2010

  6. admin

    It’s not that he’s a my favorite as much as I’ve very much enjoyed his Doctor. I’m sure the strength in casting will continue. I’m an old-school fan, and the changing of the guard is part of the show, and a lot of fun.

  7. lithera


    That’s like what I thought.

  8. angelophile

    It would have been nice if he’d lasted another series and had some crossover with Moffat, but it’s not unexpected. I’m not sure, now, whether the details released about the Christmas special are a red herring after all, or a taste of things to come. I’m still inclined to think the former, though.

    I’m at the point now where I’m hoping for something entirely different, though. While the tipped Paterson Joseph would be a good choice, I admit I’d love to see an older Doctor who’s less superhero and more cerebral. I always loved Troughton and McCoy and Hartnell and it’d be interesting to see a new Doctor who had to rely on brains more than physicality and plucking new superpowers out his arse every other episode.

    Is it time to give Jim Broadbent a call yet?

  9. jonlaw

    Broadbent was pretty funny for the two minutes he was in the Curse of Fatal Death parody. I expect they will find someone else though. I will miss Tennant. He is good. My kids love him and are waiting with great anticipation for the Series Four DVD release next month.

    As with Greg, I am a fairly old school fan. Started with Tom Baker and have been through many a regeneration. I am hopeful that any changes will continue to enrich the show.

  10. thatnickguy

    He’s had a respectable 3-season run and certainly made a great impression on the Who fanbase. I’ll miss him, but I also trust what Moffat has planned.

    I’d love to see whoever (no pun inteded) the new Doctor is gets to meet up with Dr. Song again. They’ll need to pull that trigger soon before the actress gets too old.

  11. kozemp

    You know, for the happiest day of my life (PHILLIES WIN!) today sure has a bunch of bummer news. First Mendes on the Preacher movie and now this. Yeesh.

    I get the whole changing of the guard thing as being part and parcel of Doctor Who, Ecclestone was fantastic, and I expect Moffat will do great things but… David Tennant’s performance was really something special.

  12. angelophile

    I always assumed that since River had known the Doctor for years, she’d easily be recast as a younger actress down the line, if Moffat does pick up that plot thread. Chance are he won’t, considering River considered the Doctor young when she met him this time, compared to how she knew him in her future. It’s a plot thread waiting to be picked up in another 20 years or so and probably wasn’t meant to be revisited any time soon.

  13. gwalla

    We’re just edging closer and closer to the Valeyard!

  14. odessasteps

    I’m guessing that, given the massive upswing in female viewership because of “Doctor Hottie,” the new Doctor will fairly young and likely handsome.

    As I said on the beat last night, since they passed him over for James Bond, how about Clive Owen? :>

    Seriously though, even though he appears to not be interested, I like the idea of James Nesbitt, the guy who starred in Moffat’s JECKYLL series.

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