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Hannah Arendt Had It Right

I’m at a loss for words.

No, that’s not quite true.

I’ve got a lot of words, but I won’t share them here, because they’re mostly expletives, and the ones that aren’t will most likely offend the delicate sensibilities of several people I know.

But this is EVIL, plain and simple.

30 Responses to Hannah Arendt Had It Right

  1. morchades

    I feel like throwing up.

  2. thecomicman

    I wouldn’t say it’s evil per se, but it’s certainly wrong. I mean, it’s not as if they’ve let the rapists go scot free while the victim was put to death or something. Now that would have been evil.

  3. wyldemusick

    Hideously extreme blame-the-victim.

    And just hideous. But not rare, which makes me even sicker. If I had any love for my species, it’s all lost by now, and well before this.

  4. jmorse

    I’m disgusted. I’m so thankful to have been born in the USA. We’re certainly not perfect, but…

  5. dewline


    I’d call it evil, too. In addition to the throwing-up.

    Then, I’d consider some swearing that would violate the LJ TOS.

  6. dewline

    Don’t kid yourself. And don’t underestimate the nature of these decisions either.

  7. indigi

    It’s interesting how pseudofeminism eventually crept into the justification for the invasion of Afghanistan, yet one of our closest allies is a fundamentalist nation, with all the mistreatment of women that entails, and it doesn’t seem like a big deal to the administration.

  8. hero_writer

    Gee, maybe if the scum had been given a just punishment in the first place, the woman wouldn’t have felt like she had to try using the media to see to it that they were punished at least a little proportionately!

    When people wonder why I’m so dead set against religion, I point at crap like this.

    Evil, indeed!

  9. admin

    Respectfully, I disagree.

    This is the epitome, in my opinion, of the banality of evil. From top to bottom.

  10. lithera


    Damn it.

    Why is it the joy and awe of the things humanity does never last as long as the horror?

  11. jonlaw

    I understand the swipe against religion, and I am not a particularly religious person, but I think we miss the forest for the trees when we point to religion as being at the root of this evil.

    The heart of darkness is not in the religious institution per se, to my mind,, but in humanity itself. Just as humanity is able to achieve phenomenal acts of individual and collective intellectual and spiritual transcendence, as well as achieving acts of simple kindness, so too is humanity capable of committing the most horrifying acts of brutality and subjugation.

    Religion, as a human construct, gets used as a prism, and sometime a magnifying glass for the dark and light of all of humanity. In my experience, religious calling may inspire the most infinite acts of giving, and the basest acts of taking.

    The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.

    And as always, it’s just GREAT to see how demented Realpolitik puts us on the same side with a society and government so screwed up that such banal evil spews from its so called justice system.

  12. hero_writer

    I expressed myself briefly, and thus poorly — but I had a class to go to, and a test to take.

    I am a strict atheist. My choice, and I can be rather militant about it when pressed — but only when pressed. I try not to wave my banner when left alone.

    However, while religion acts as a prism (excellent analogy, my I swipe it?), it is the prism that is most often used to justify humanity’s most awful acts, and by some of its most awful people.

    This is my problem with religion. The excuse for barbarism and, as Mr. Rucka said, evil, that it so often becomes.

    When used so, religion is hideous — in my eyes.

  13. davesbu

    i read the lead…and i will read no more. That is more than I need to know. Some people just need to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Erased from existence.

  14. jonlaw

    No problems here. I appreciate your viewpoint, even if I don’t share it. I too am just expressing my view of things.

    Feel free to use any metaphor you find useful. I am gratified that you find it so.

    And no arguments, religion at its worst, well, its just that, one of the worst tools of evil humanity has forged. But I see the light as well as the darkness, although I try to not let religion get in the way of my sense of spirituality.

    Glad to have a civilized exchange, although prompted by such barbarity.

  15. alryssa

    There really aren’t words fit for encapsulating how barbaric these practices are. I read an article not too long ago (and I tried to find the link, but the source evaded me, alas), written by a female journalist on her first visit to Saudi Arabia. It was truly an eye-opening account on the depth of sex segregation and the relentless treatment of women as little more than common pests that have to be controlled.

  16. alryssa

    Oh, I spoke too soon. The article is here.

  17. dewline

    “Crept into”?

    And “pseudofeminism”?

    If you want to argue the point with me, we can take it to either of our respective LJs and out of Greg’s yard(and I’d prefer it if we did)…but I’ve got to say this: womens’ rights was always part of the equation for me. Before those planes hit the Towers, I was wondering how long it was going to take before something was done about and in support of that cause(and others as worthwhile) in Afghanisation. Why the rest of the human race was dragging its collective heels on this.

  18. jjgalahad

    Jesus fucking Christ. I want to vomit. This . . . yeah, EVIL covers this. Fucking bastards.

  19. thecomicman

    That’s certainly your right.

    I just feel that if we, as a society or a species or what have you, start to call everything we disagree with “evil,” that word will lose its meaning and we will forget what evil actually is.

    But you’ve disagreed, and that’s cool.

  20. kadymae

    In what way is punishing this woman IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM OKAY? How is punishing a victim NOT evil? How is punishing her for speaking out against injustice NOT evil?

    See, this isn’t about the men. It’s about her.

  21. thecomicman

    If you read the original comment, you’ll find I didn’t once say it was okay. In fact, I said it was wrong. Please take more time to read comments before you click on your Caps Lock key. Thank you.

  22. fordmadoxfraud

    While I don´t disagree with you, I think most people most readily recognize evil in its most sensational acts. What happened to this woman is evil, but what´s been happening, continuously and without reprieve, to every female infant, girl and adult, for the last couple of centuries in Saudi Arabia is evil. You want to point to a place on earth where women are treated as subhuman slaves, it´s Saudi Arabia.

  23. admin

    Yes, I know.

  24. admin

    It’s a great article.

    Depressing as all hell, but a great piece.

  25. gabbicus

    It is situations such as this that are EXACTLY what we need to use the term evil for. This is not merely the difference of culture, this is the rape of a human being.

  26. thecomicman

    I don’t think that’s what’s at discussion. I think we can all agree, you, me, Rucka, that person who put the Caps Lock on, that rape is evil. I will not disagree with that because it is true.

    I think what is at issue here is whether imprisoning said rape victim for influencing the media or whatever because the rapists weren’t given enough punishment. That, in and of itself, is not evil, in my opinion.

    When we (as a society, as a nation, whatever) start calling things evil, then we have a moral obligation to stop said evil. Do we have a moral obligation to stop the imprisonment of a rape victim who has been accused of influencing the media like we had a moral obligation to stop Hitler, or Communism, or radio shock jocks calling black female basketball players “nappy-headed hos?” (Your personal “evil” mileage may vary on any one of those issues).

    Evil (and good, for that matter) is a difficult thing to quantify. Rape is evil. Imprisoning a rape victim for influencing the media? It’s authoritarian certainly, but evil? I don’t think so.

  27. nealbailey

    Just finished The Handmaid’s Tale on the plane, with its examination of the whole “I asked for it!” rationale with the maids, and the “Aunts” who point out the groupthink and the way it can influence these things.

    It’s damnably evil. I agree. I think what frustrates me most is not that it happened, or happens, but that I haven’t a solid clue what the hell I can do about it. That whole “I gotta fix it” thing that led me to politico-blog for several years.


  28. lithera

    I thought you might want to see the update and official Saudi statement to the US on this –

    I still feel awful. I feel like they’re trying to sweep it under the rug.

  29. admin

    Thanks for the update; I’ll be posting it under its own heading, I think.

    If anything, this makes me even more disgusted and outraged.

  30. lithera

    Yeah. It disgusts me. I don’t get angry, truly angry, easily and this makes me want to punch someone.

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