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Hah! HAH!!

Finished Crime Bible issue 5 today. Checkmate pages tomorrow. Whiteout pages to follow.

I feel much better now, thank you for asking. :D

11 Responses to Hah! HAH!!

  1. gabbicus

    woot!! :)


  2. thatnickguy

    We didn’t ask. We’re rabid comic book fans who care only about the books coming out on time, remember?

    Seriously though, good to hear you’re doing better. Sounds like you’re playing a game of catch-up on the writing. Totally been there, before.

  3. wyldemusick

    Gah, I need some of that motivatin’ energy stuff. It’s probably illegal in the Zone, anyway.

    *piteous whimpering*

    Willpower, then. Damn.

  4. frankbyrns


    Nothing quite satisfies like hitting the period key at the end of that last sentence.

  5. brother_d73


  6. wyldemusick

    …but, hey, glad you’re in a better space and all that.

  7. dewline

    Glad to read it!

  8. uzumerid

    Awesome! On to Batwo—-wait—no—DAN! Dan, I just heard it as a rumor! Don’t — no — ow, my balls!

  9. incogvito

    This week’s Checkmate…whew! You’ve outdone yourself.

  10. jjgalahad

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    Also, thought I might recommend a new crime drama to you. Life is about an innocent cop who gets sent up the river for 12 years for a multiple homicide. After getting extremely Zen to survive prison, he gets released and demands his badge back as part of his settlement. He ends up with a partner who’s at the bottom of the totem pole – a beautiful Hispanic woman who tends to abuse alcohol and casual sex to get past her more serious substance abuse problems. For some reason, I thought a show about a Zen-espousing crimefighting sort and his self-destructive Latina partner might interest you. :)

    I’ve only seen 3 eps so far but it’s awfully entertaining.

  11. admin

    You’re the second person in as many days to recommend the show to me.

    I’ll definitely check it out!

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