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Grendel: Past Prime

Grendel: Past Prime

Grendel: Past Prime

Available in a trade paperback edition, and in a rarer hardcover, this is an illustrated novella with over 80 pen-and-ink illustrations by Grendel creator and comic book luminary Matt Wagner. The story of a Grendel named Susan and her search for the cyborg called Grendel Prime.

In a broken and ravaged future whose denizens are intent only on survival, the name of Grendel evokes both horror and awe. A one-time military elite, the ranks of Grendel warriors have now disintegrated into leaderless anarchy; but a savior exists, and one lone Grendel seeks the key to restoring the empire—and she won’t take no for an answer.

Dark Horse trade paperback July 2000 ISBN 1569713987