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Greg talks Last Run with Tim O’Shea

The Last Run

Robot 6′s Tim O’Shea has an interview up with Greg about The Last Run, the writing process, and vacations (or lack thereof) at his blog, the aptly named Talking with Tim. Here’s an excerpt:

O’Shea: Your James Lucas Jones anecdote is enlightening, and prompts me to ask another question. When embarking on a project–be it in prose or in comics–how important is it to you to be paired with an editor that respects and understands your work, while still being able to challenge you?

Rucka: The author/editor relationship is a very crucial one for me, personally. I know writers who pretty much want to be left alone to do their thing, but for myself, for the way I work, I need a sounding board; not necessarily someone who will direct me as much as someone who will listen to me, help me talk out my ideas. A lot of where I begin tends to be rather… amorphous, and I take great pleasure in working out the actual beats of a story as part of the process. A great collaborator – whether it be an editor or artist – is always worth his or her weight in gold to me.

For more, check out the full interview at Talking With Tim.

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