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Greg talks Frank Castle with CBR and…you?

Art by Marco Checchetto

Art by Marco Checchetto

Item one: Greg talked to Comic Book Resources about the issues involved in writing a Punisher book set in the Marvel Universe:

That’s the problem with the Punisher. One of the reasons that Garth [Ennis'] run is so iconic now is because it’s not in the Marvel Universe. It’s a MAX run where he can take the gloves off and let Frank out of his cage, and you just can’t do that in the Marvel Universe. You fundamentally can’t. The level of violence has to be approached differently, and frankly the level of evil has to be approached differently.

Item two: Do YOU have questions about the upcoming Punisher book? Make sure you sign up for the Punisher Liveblog event at, where Greg and editor Steve Wacker will be available to answer your inquiries!

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