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Greg talks Batwoman & The Question with Newsarama

Art by JH Williams III

Art by JH Williams III

Nrama: The fourth and final part of the inaugural Batwoman storyarc landed late last month, how do you think fans have taken to the character of Batwoman now that she’s had her first feature-length adventure on her own?

Rucka: The people that I talk to have been really positive. And there’s still a lot of questions people are asking about her and her corner of the world. I do admit there was a little impatience in the fact that her origin wasn’t revealed in the first issue – or first storyarc – but that wasn’t the intention.

If I really wanted to dig into the fans’ response, I could go read the online postings (which are a small percentange of the actual fanbase), or spend the time writing actual comics.

But speaking of these first issue, Jim and I have been able to spend a lot of time to tell the stories we want to tell with Kate. We’re slowly unraveling who Kate is, what she’s doing and why. That’s a luxury you don’t often get in the world of comics. The schedule for producing comics is very, very pressing – but we were fortunate to get a relatively long lead-time to work on this, which served us both well.

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