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Greg takes on Action Comics

Action Comics #875

Action Comics #875

Greg recently talked to a number of comic news sites about his part in the upcoming New Krypton storyline, and the characters Nightwing and Flamebird.

Greg told Matt Brady at Newsarama:

…No, [Superman]’s not in Action, but everything that happens in Action is influenced by him, and a lot happens because of him. I know that’s going to be small consolation for people who pick up Action to see Superman, because you’re not going to see him in Action, but it’s still Action Comics, it’s still a Superman book, and his fingerprints are all over it. His morality, his ethic, who he is and what makes him Superman influences that book, and certainly influences Flamebird and Nightwing, even though Flamebird and Nightwing believe a very different mandate. They’re very mission oriented, for lack of a better phrase. There’s a specific arc that they’re following over these 12 issues. On the face of it, people may think that this is being set up to really fly in the face of Superman, and it really doesn’t. So much of what Superman is is about methodology – about how he does what he does, why he does what he does, what he’s willing to do, and what he isn’t willing to do. Those are huge influences that will remain in the book.

…And told Jeffrey Renaud at Comic Book Resources:

It’s a mistake to think Action Comics is about the mystery. It’s not. It’s not about “who are they?” That would be really dull. So for that reason, I wanted to give that to the reader up front. I wanted to say, “These are the heroes we’re dealing with. These are the heroes who are bringing this battle forward. And this is what the battle is specifically and this is what they have to do to win it. And this is Superman’s influence on them.

Greg’s part in the New Krypton arc begins in Action Comics #875.

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