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Greg pens story for “I Am an Avenger”

Tom Brevoort spills the beans at this week’s Cup O’ Joe at Comic Book Resources:

The specific anthology that Greg is writing a story for is “I Am An Avenger,” and on that project the remit is that in some way, shape or form the story needs to reflect on or relate to the notion of what being an Avenger is all about. What makes one an Avenger? What qualifies one to be an Avenger? In the case of Greg, he spoke to Steve Wacker as he often does, and there was a moment towards the end of “Siege” that Greg felt deserved a little more examination and a little more consequence, and so he’s going to tell that story in this particular issue of “I Am An Avenger.” I read the script just this morning, it’s great. He found a very specific moment and action to explore, and built it into a very personal story that’s about Steve Rogers. That’s a great place to bring in someone like Greg, who hasn’t played on this side of the aisle for a while, and put him in a position where he’s telling a story that means something to him. He can do what he does best and what he wants to do and get his feet wet in our waters again. Hopefully that leads to more work down the line.

4 Responses to Greg pens story for “I Am an Avenger”

  1. Evan

    Aren’t you full of surprises? Greg Rucka writing Steve Rogers equals an unbeatable combination!

  2. Rogerio

    Cannot wait@

    …and I really hope this project open a door to Mr. Rucka write the Black Widow again.

  3. Fernanda

    Avengers by Greg Rucka… That´s just sweet!!

    Mr. Rucka, I love everything you write, especially what you´ve done with Batwoman, (I love it, I love it, I love it!)

    Do you have any special interest in Spider-Woman 8Jessica Drew)? It would be a fantastic news for those of us who loves the character

  4. Erron

    Just read the Steve Rogers story in “I Am an Avenger”, and man.. it blew my socks off. Although I’ve never served for our country, (and am a completely left wing anti-war liberal), I thank Mr. Rucka for paying tribute to all those who’ve served or been lost to war. Thank you for your honesty, authenticity, and amazing writing.

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