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Greg gives CBR straight dope on Action

In case that Detective news wasn’t enough for you, Comic Book Resources just put up an interview with Greg talking about his current run on Action Comics.

Traditionally, you are known as a guy who writes street-smart characters working in the underbelly of the DCU. Now you are writing this big, massive sci-fi storyline with “Action Comics” and “World of New Krypton” with James Robinson. Are you having fun?

Sure. It’s fun to play in a whole new zone. One of things that is so cool about writing “World of New Krypton” is that James and I will have a conversation and we’ll go, “This leads to this which leads to this which leads to this, culturally.” And then we will realize that’s all in good but there is no design for it. There’s nothing. We don’t know what the baseline, state-of-the-art infantry weapon was for Krypton prior to the abduction of Kandor. So we write a script going, “This is what we think it is” and we hand it to Pete Woods and 30 seconds late, Pete is back with like, “Here we go. I’ve done eight designs.” And we’re like, “That is so cool. That will work. That’s good.” So that’s a hoot and a holler.

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