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Greg discusses social commentary in comics with Newsarama

Art by JH Williams III

Greg, along with Denny O’Neil and Judd Winick, talked to Newsarama about considerations in approaching social commentary as comic book writers, and why it’s not done more. Here’s an excerpt:

“I think publishers are more frightened of political backlash than they are of issue backlash,” Rucka said. “I do think that yeah, if you introduce political stances for your major characters, you have opened up a can of worms there. If you’re telling stories in a shared universe about heroism, you don’t want to imply that X hero is only a hero for the Republican party, and is therefore not going to be doing heroic and noble things for everybody else You never what to establish a risk of status quo that makes them less heroic.

For more, see the full article at Newsarama.

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