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Greg answers the questions and The Question’s the answer

Newsarama’s Matt Brady has a new interview up with Greg on the subject of the Question co-feature in Detective Comics. Here’s a little taste:

Newsarama: Greg, Dan [DiDio]’s talked about the co-features and how they came to pass, but how did The Question co-feature come up for you? Was it something that you suggested once you heard of DC’s plans for co-features in its titles, or does every DC editor have a pitch for The Question from you, so when a slot opened up, it was the first choice?

Greg Rucka: (laughs) Actually, Michael Siglain and I had been talking for a while about what to do next, including stories that we wanted to tell with Renee, and in particular, coming out of what Eddie Berganza, Philip Tan and I did in Final Crisis: Revelations. We had different ideas that we were bouncing around, and Mike came back and suggested doing The Question as a co-feature in Detective, and I told him that I thought that would be a great fit. It’s good on a number of levels. He and I had been working up a series idea for about a year and had talked to a few people about it, and it was down to just a question of placing it, and when the opportunity came to put it in Detective, it was just a natural fit. It was a quite organic and natural thing – no one had to fight for it or anything like that.

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