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Gloabal Warming? Climate Change?

Too damn hot.

6 Responses to Gloabal Warming? Climate Change?

  1. nealbailey

    Enjoying my writing cave, I can’t stand the damned heat. It kills me. I love baking in the car, turning to Kristen, and saying, in my best Bush, “Needs more study. Heh heh heh heh.”

    But yes.

  2. lithera

    I feel your pain.

  3. dculver

    it is ridiculous.

    the house is only now seeming to cool off and our measly window ac unit is not built for this heat.

  4. stu_n

    Won’t stop bloody raining here. Swap you a few degrees Celcius for some cloud cover?

  5. gabbicus

    THANKFULLY the air conditioner here is working, for a change. 90+ is not a fun thought with 45 gamers in one room.

    The construction site is not a lot of fun today, though ;)

  6. chrisisiddall

    I can sweeten Stu_n’s offer and throw in some drizzle as well. I mean what’s Portland without rain?

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