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Geek Happy! Geek Happy!

Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer!

(Yes, I know, you’ve all already seen it!)

15 Responses to Geek Happy! Geek Happy!

  1. lithera

    I’m never going to catch up…. I’m drowning in awesome games I haven’t finished.

  2. mybloodyzombie

    WHAT WHAT WHAT! when is this coming out?

    FIRST QUARTER OF 2010?! oh, man!

  3. nealbailey

    In the vacation playthrough, I was so eager to jump in, I pounded out a character that had no hacking abilities, not realizing how much it’d be a detriment to finding neat stuff (which I learned in the player’s guide). But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna do that second playthrough before the next one comes out. Is it worth it? Does it add more story elements? Does the character ever develop some low-level hacking skills?

    I know the enemies scale, which is cool, but I just didn’t know if I should wait for the second, or play through again. I’m debating doing KOTOR instead, which I never had time to do, but now, given my forced weekends I’m making myself take, I have a chance to knuckle into potentially.

  4. oryon

    That doesn’t tease me. That enrages me.

  5. the_fallen_

    It’s a swerve, a gigantic swerve I say!

  6. devilman145

    I hope we receive more DLC content to hold us over as 2010 is too long of a wait. Might have to buy the novels until then.

  7. jared465

    I have a nice condo just down the street from yours in Nerdville on this one. Can’t wait to play this!

  8. admin


    I’ll make sure to close the blinds at night, tho. :D

  9. chris_squared

    Seriously, I have a treatment already formed in my head

    I don’t know why, but this is one video game that I would be willing to sit down and write a movie on spec for. There’s just so much neat stuff that would bring audiences in. I do hope the sequel can continue the story smoothly without too many hurdles.

  10. yuripup

    I seem to finish very few games.

    I have 3 complete play throughs–one going paragon, one renegade (actually a non-idiot renegade can fill both paragon and renegade bars more than 75%), and then one to 60.

    There are also 6 (I think) quests of which you see 2 of based on your back ground. Paying a renegade and getting–I think its the colonist background–was a particularly interesting set of dialogs.

    The ending has a pair of interesting splits–but that you can see both of with a smart save point.

    That said I played it on the 360 and have 1000 of 1030 possible gamer score on it. I still need to get the Liara T’soni achievement.

    And fairly early on you can get yourself a team member who is good at hacking and open all those goodie boxes.

  11. yuripup

    They also say save your save game–so I suspect that the Alliance isn’t as correct about your KIA as they think the are.

    Add to that being “dead” is a good reason to strip, say my level 60 Shepard save, of most of his cool stuff so that I can be noob level again.

  12. aylara

    I think Nunzio said something about maybe loaning us Mass Effect… hmm.

    Also, I can see why the ending of Fallout 3 was irksome. I have decided to solve that problem by never actually finishing the game. :P

    And now Resident Evil 5 is out… mrar.

    I don’t have time for this! *cry*

  13. nadefilippis

    Hey Neal,

    When you do try again, just remember that your character doesn’t need the hacking or electronic abilities – you only need someone in your party who has the ability.

    So you can be any type you want – just make sure you pump Kaiden’s skills at the start, and then once you have more allies, always take him, Garrus or Tali (so long as their skills are up to snuff).

    And I say play this one – it’s great. KOTOR’s great too, but this one has a sequel a-coming.

  14. nealbailey

    Arg! See, that’s what got me. I played through with Urdnot and Liara. And tragically, just UNDER the 75% achievement. My thinking was, having seen the big guys Urdnot is with in a few missions, the plot would be heavily reliant on his tragedy (and it was, to a degree). I didn’t know you could sic your folks on it. Now… now I’m positive I’ll give it another run-through.

  15. nealbailey

    The Liara achievement was pretty much the only one I got, in contrast, my first time through, so don’t feel bad, :) I didn’t realize you could direct your friends that way. I always suck in squad combat games at sending my guys out to do stuff. I’m always like, “Want a job done, get in there and do it yourself!” So I avoid those D buttons, like a dunce.

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